Starship Organization & Fleetwide Standing Orders

Starbase Defense Squadron
The U.S.S. Atlantis and U.S.S. Asimov are permanently assigned to Starbase Defense and available for use by the crew of Deep Space 13. These two vessels are crewed by starbase personnel on a rotating basis, and remain docked or in orbit at all times except when requisitioned for use on a mission. More often than not, operational command of these vessels will fall to one of DS13's Senior Officers.

((Like DS9 had the Defiant, DS13 has Atlantis and Asimov. Whenever the starbase crew is faced with a mission (regular RP or event) that may be too much for a shuttle or runabout to handle, the starbase defense ships are available for use.

Anybody with a starbase character can feel free to take these ships out and use them whenever there's a suitable IC reason (or if you can make one up). Since the ships are crewed by an IC rotation, feel free to say that your character is on-rotation whenever you'd like to get some ship-based RP in. You do not need to specifically ask permission to use the ships.))

General Fleet Operations
General Fleet Operations encompass the fleet's standard duty squadron. Ships operate independently and form ad hoc task forces as required to complete objectives. General Fleet Operations operates with static standing orders and minimal day-to-day command input.

((General Fleet Operations is entirely unguided and has no activity requirements. Players are encouraged to make up their own stories or participate in stories and events run by others.))

Romulan Republic JSI Detachment
The RRF JSI Detachment will continue to operate as a squadron of the 38th Fleet, supporting Argo operations as appropriate as well as carrying out any tasks issued by Republic Command as relayed by the Commander-General.

((Romulans ships in Argo play double-duty, welcome to participate in regular fleet events, but also answering to Republic Command on matters of interest to the Romulans.

While not separated into two squadrons, Romulan multi-player crews follow the same procedures as their Federation counterparts. Prospective crewmembers, see the individual ship threads for info on joining. Prospective Captains/organizers, please see this post.))

Task Forces
In the event the need arises for a dedicated group of ships for a particular long-term function or assignment, vessels will be temporarily assigned to a task force for the duration of the mission.

((Task Forces will be used as-needed for specific plots or long series' of events with relatively static participant lists. Task forces will be disbanded when not in use. The formation of a task force for a plot allows a GM to define a set of parameters for participants (such as number of ships, event type, and schedule), and to choose (or play) a Task Force Commander to facilitate the advancement of the plot.

If you're interested in forming a task force for a plot, please post in Staff Support so we can make arrangements. If you're interested in joining an already-existing task force, please see that task force's info post or contact the Task Force Commander directly for details.))