Full name: Space Trading Post - 767 (The Hive)

Location: System 767, 6 L.Y. from Aurking System, direction Traelus System

STP-767, familiarly called The Hive from her frequent customers, it's an independent space trading post. Founded more than twenty years ago, STP-767 is an unusual structures. Constructed in the asteroid belts of the system, currently uninhabited, the station is composed from several connected asteroids, rotating around a central artificial pylon. Each asteroids is excavated and, as the name suggest, is habitable. The non-usual form suggested to the newcomers the name "The Hive" and the first owner used the new name to attract more people possible. Z'Kak, the ferengi responsible for the complex, decided to open an activity away from the regulation of Ferenginar and of other "civilized nations" around the quadrants. STP-767 born to offer a free and mostly safe port in a lone, distant area of space.

The main structure, the central pylon, is the core of the entire trading post. The administration offices, the cargo bays, the esplanades with the shops, the restaurants, the casinos and the strip clubs and the docks are all in the central pylons. Merchants, explorers and a various range of different people arrive and depart from the station everyday. In the esplanades is possible to find mostly everything. "Zzzht Tholian's Silk", for example, is a renowned silk's vendor who offer one of the best, if not the the best, fabric of the sector. "Kang War Stories" is a klingon restauran, where is possible to taste the best life-food in the area, accompanied by the war stories, former general of the empire. Or, at least, so he said to his customers. There are dozen and dozen of different kind of shops and restaurants in the Hive.
According to some rumors, in the lower levels of the Main Pylon and in some asteroids is possible to buy, and sell, mostly everything, even illegal goods. It was not confirmed the presence of some drug smugglers and slave vendors, maybe affiliated with the Orion Syndicate or some similar organizations.

The six asteroids that compose the post are, as said, inhabited. There is not a precise census of the local population, caused by the strictly policy about the privacy of the residents in the station. People of all the races, from the Federation, the Klingon or the Romulan space live here. Also tholians, some former inhabitants of the Delta Quadrant, has taken an house in this free port.


Z'Kak, the ferengi's owner of the station. Z'Kak is not a not-so-young ferengi, who traveled, so he affirms, around most of the galaxy in his personal quest for the profits and the latinum. STP-767 became his first very important affair about twenty years ago, when he found the derelict stations, used from smugglers to avoid the federal and klingon patrols. Z'Kak took possess of the station, making a deal with the smugglers who were here. He created an outpost, a free trade area, free from the interference of the governments but with a considerable security force to assure the respect of one, only, thing: private property. Z'Kak lived best days. He's getting older, without an heir and without real business partners with who shares the problems and the advantages of The Hive. For the moment the situation on board is stable but no one knows what will happens in case he should die.

Norian B, the strange, new, security chief. Nobody really knows the mysterious Norian B. Apparently he is human, but, in some way, he doesn't look human. He is a calm, relaxed man, every seconds ready to listen to every stories that arrive to his ears. He is, in fact, a real good listener, of voices, rumors and whispers, that most of the time are the only clues he can have to resolve his cases. He's pretty efficient and, for most of the people on board, he's the most efficient chief of security that the station never had. Someone suggested that he could be a El-Aurian, a more probable theory if compared with the stories that describe him for a member of the Q's or for a pacific Undine, undercover in The Hive.

Karg, the general of an house forgotten by eons. Or, at least, that is the story he narrates most of the time. Karg, apparently, is an excellent chef who talks a lot about a past military activities, in dozens of different conflicts (maybe too many for a single life) and in the name of a House which name is forgotten. If his stories are not confirmed, his ability in the kitchen made him famous and, someone suggested rich. Not less important are the rumors that affirm that Karg, under the show of a half-crazy warrior, hides his real identity. Maybe, someone says, he's a secret agent. Maybe, someone else whispers, he's a dishonored member of the Honor's Guard of the Empire. He, apparently, knows a lot about conflicts that no one seems to remembers or to knows. Is he simple crazy or there is something else under the fire of his stoves?

Zzzht, the solitary tholian vendors. Expect for the fact that she/he sells silks in his shop near the promenade, no one knows anything about Zzzht, the tholian vendors of The Hive. A quiet person, who make himself/herself noted only for the clang of his armor (necessary for him or she to resist to the atmosphere of the public spaces around the station). He/she was see a lot of time talks with Mohtma, a human tailor disappeared not so much time ago, but it was probably for business. Also, he seems to be a regular customer of the Karg's restaurant.
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