Strike Force Kargas

So, I see the SFK side of things has been quiet for a while, forum-wise. Is there anything going on over there at the moment?
SFK has almost always been on the sidelines so to speak. Dewey is in charge of the fleet but due to his job he's been on and off over the years, mostly off. I'm not even sure who the XO on the red side is. We had some good times on the red side but participation is lacking severely even when we had things going on.

It went through a sort of revival not long ago but given that it's main champion (Dewey) has been away for so long, that push has long fizzled out.
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Federation side has the benefit of several people pushing content and generally playing ringleader, yeah, while SFK .. there's interest in KDF material, but the percentage of people interested is generally smaller and with so much stuff going on Fed-side, people get a bit tunnel-visioned.

That said, the fleet is not entirely off our radar. I think we'd like to do some roster cleanup and reorganization and maybe consider an infrequent, but regular, schedule of events... but we don't have anything concrete at the moment.

Is there interest in like, a once a month SFK thing, maybe?
I would love to get into something like that if it were available!
I still have my KDF alt, just in a different fleet , as SFK was dead it seemed. I could bring her back for RP, as I have ideas.
Last big SFK thing I remember was the Iconian Siege of Kronos.
If there were KDF RP, I'd love to bring my snarky Orion. It'd be great!
The last thing I had going on was my Deferi coming back from the "dead" and allying himself with the Iconians to destroy SFK. It kind of fizzled out at the end after a strong build up. Now that the war is over his presumably gone missing again.
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I can never fully commit to things like this, but I do have a couple of characters on KDF side. So I could potentially join.

... I seem to create a lot of Klingons/half-Klingoms for whatever reason and they are not even my favourite race.
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I'd love to create a KDF alt to RP so if there is something regular going on I'd be more than happy to join in!
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I have a SFK alt that has been stagnating as of late and would love to RP on them again!
I barely have time to be on as Somek at the moment and don't have a KDF alt, but I'll just bump this for possible future interest.
I was talking about my KDF Reman earlier. I'd totally be up for doing something with him in SFK.
Could always do something at Drozana, because Fed character could participate or lurk at the same time.
Is there a reference for SFK-interested newcomers? I'm sure it's on the site and I'm just not seeing it.
Is there a reference for SFK-interested newcomers? I'm sure it's on the site and I'm just not seeing it.
I do not really see anything like that either.
My only experience joining SFK was:
"I have a KDF alt."
"Ok, welcome aboard."
So, folks who are already in Argo get auto invited to SFK. Now in the past we did have, on rare occasions, folks that would apply JUST to join SFK, and the SFK leadership would manage them through the application process.

But since SFK went inactive, we have simply turned those folks away, if they weren't interested in Starfleet RP. We had one a few weeks back, actually. But they are rare. I can't remember if, or how long ago, was the one before that.

But that is how SFK works for newcomers. We don't mention it during the application process anymore, though, because it is inactive.