SUBJ: A Matter of Ponderance | TO: W/CDR Miral

To: W/CDR Miral @Aev
CC: JSI Command
From: CDR Nathes
Subj: Matter of Ponderance


First, let me apologize for my extended absence. Militia Intelligence apparently found it necessary to have me sit through a number of seminars on Mol’Rihan. While I would forward you the full summary of the ordeal, that would quite frankly be a waste of your valuable time. It was about as pleasant as a wet fart. There was of course, one piece of information I found intruiging. I will expand upon that later in this missive.

With that out of the way, the matter at hand:

With the bulk of the Republic’s military stationed on the Klingon Border, many other aspects of the Republic’s military apparatus are being neglected. During my nauseating seminars with Militia Intelligence, they did mention a piece of information relevant to our regional operations: Three forward asteroid outposts, all of which are about twenty light years from our location, have gone dark. Naturally, Militia Intelligence has not bothered to investigate further.

As a bit of background, these outposts are sensor hubs which help provide a clear picture of passing ships within the region. Both the ROMULAN REPUBLIC and UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS depend on these outposts: Both on a civilian level and for coordinated military operations.

Though we obviously have our investments in the Klingon Civil War, I believe it would be exceptionally dangerous not to learn why these forward facilities have gone dark.

I am therefore proposing an operation to investigate the fate of these outposts. I would further like to request the participation of the THE UNITED FEDERATION OF PLANETS in this operation. Collaboration with the aliens will win further support among their government and ensure the Republic’s operational objectives are achieved.

Long live the Republic.

CDR Nathes

((OOC note: Looking to set up/run events in the coming weeks, now that I have more free-time.))


To: CDR Nathes
From: WCDR Miral
Subj: RE: Matter of Ponderance


Welcome back. I am no stranger to the monotony of briefings. One does not become a senior officer without suffering their fair share of such events. However, even the most mundane briefings often contain a kernel of actionable intelligence. One must sift through the fluff to find it, which it appears you have.

Your operation in approved. You will have tactical command of Republic assets in the pursuit of your objectives. Investigate the outposts and report their status. I’ll be notifying 38th Command of this mission and requesting joint operations proceed under your command.

Wind to your wings.

Wing Commander Miral
JSI Commander - Aldebaran