SUBJ: An Apology | TO: Dartius TF

To: <Dartius_TaskForce> ((@Eunha @TValerius @Moose @Space_Monkey))
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From: CAPT Mirazuni, A.
Subj: An Apology


I owe you a sincere apology. It was my failings that cost us victory at Dartius. Every single one of you performed above and beyond.

There is nothing more that I have words for, other than saying that in medicine, we don’t always get the calls right. But when it is apparent that we are wrong, we move quickly to rectify it. Our end goal is to always save the patient.

I made the wrong calls and it put us in a bad position. I have given us more work to do to rectify it. But, the patient can still be saved.

مع خالص التقدير و الاحترام
(With sincere appreciation and respect)

Captain Mirazuni Ayesha, M.D.
Commanding Officer, USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: CAPT Mirazuni, A.
CC: <Dartius_TaskForce> ((@Eunha @Moose @Space_Monkey))
From: SCDR T’Valerius
Subj: RE: AN Apology


It was a valiant effort, all the same. A single battle need not decide the war. Our people suffered as many setbacks and more against the Dominion together. This one we can endure.

It’s said among those in the Romulan Navy, ‘None like Starfleet learn from their defeats.’ Perhaps, this is where introspection adds wisdom in a way only the Federation can pull off?

Subcommander (RRN), Deep Space 13 Operations

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