SUBJ: Black Box analyst

To: CMDR A. Mandra (@Master_Dex) , LCDR H’ajah (@Sophist)
CC: CAPT L. Varley (@Lauren)
From: CAPT A.H. Nimitz
Subj: Black Box analyst

Good evening, I wish i was contacting you two with happier news, however, that is not today.

Pegasus recently recovered the black box of a slave ship that was hit by an unidentified warbird. I would appreciate if you could take the black box and undergo a full analysis to discover any more information that may or may not be hidden.

Alistair H. Nimitz
Commanding Officer,
USS Pegasus (NCC-93462)


To: CAPT @Nimitz , Alistair
CC: CAPT Varley, @Lauren ; LCDR H’ajah (@Sophist)
From: CMDR Mandra, Alina
Subj: RE: Black Box analyst

Was the log from it unrecoverable or not fully copied over previously? I’m not sure what you expect to find. Data Recorders are pretty straightforward… it’s not something you can just hide information in. Unless it was part of some secret plot. Ok I guess that’s your suspicion… I can run it through some C1s but unless it was modified from a normal recorder it’s likely just gonna be a flight log.

H’ajah, feel free to do your own thing with your minions regardless of what I am. I suspect you’ll get more results out of them sooner anyway.

Alina Mandra
Chief of Science Department,
Deep Space 13


To: CMDR A. Mandra (@Master_Dex), LCDR H’ajah (@Sophist)
CC: CAPT L. Varley (@Lauren)
From: CAPT A.H. Nimitz
Subj:RE: Black Box analyst

At this point, we are dealing with an organized slave trade route that is using Federation shipping lanes. Perhaps I am being overly paranoid. However at this point, we have nothing to lose. I would appreciate it if you would at least humor me for the time being.

Alistair H. Nimitz
Commanding Officer,
USS Pegasus (NCC-93462)


To: CAPT Nimitz, Alistair
CC: CAPT Varley, Lauren; CMDR Mandra, Alina
From: LCDR H’ajah
Subj: Re: Black Box analyst


tuq cargh qaStaHvIS ghIm h’ajah, shal puqbe’
Lt. Cmdr. H’ajah, daughter of Shal, of House Cargh in exile
Chief Engineer, Engineering Dept., Deep Space 13



…recorder data includes the flight path taken by the vessel–or paths, I should say, because there are three of them. The logs include continuous entries along three separate but simultaneous vectors, supposedly fed from the navcom…

…logs show the distress beacon triggered hours after the time reports indicate that the vessel was disabled. Notably, there’s no user ID attached to the beacon entry, suggesting that it didn’t come from a known crewmember…

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