SUBJ: Changes to the Task Force | To: CAPT Cynis

To: CAPT Sadia Cynis
From: GEN Wurath
Subj: Changes to task force Hurq Mevik MO

Captain Cynis,
as a part of the reorganization of the Klingon Defense Force, you new orders are as follows:

  • Task force Hurq Mevik is transferred from 4th Expeditionary Fleet to the 5th Defense Fleet in Ba’aja sector. You are to report to Major General Koth and facilitate the transfer of Hurq Mevik assets in it’s entirety within the next three months. High Command has deemed your temporary logistical arrangements with House Woldan acceptable until the proper facilities for the task force are secured.

  • As a more immediate task, you are to take a squadron of your most reliable vessels and head to the Starfleet station Deep Space 13. There you will contact commanding officers of the 38th Fleet and assist with organization of the joint training exercise.

  • In order to better facilitate your new orders, and in recognition of your glorious performance in the Zenas Expanse, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.

All necessary details are appended. Read them! May you bring further glory and honor to the Empire!

General Woruth, of the House Kriton
Deputy Chief of Staff, High Command

//ATTACHMENT// Read_this_or_I_kill_you.sdf