SUBJ: Close to Home | TO: BGEN Cynis

To: BGEN Cynis, (@gulremal)
CC: CAPT Ezgo (@Mudd)
From: CAPT Roh’Khan
Subj: Close to Home


When you said you were going to assist the Fed’s with their little ‘problem’ in the Itrin Sector a month ago, we had no idea it would have grown this far out of control. Intelligence reports that your foe’s have penetrated into the Ba’aja System, and are currently held up there. A little too close to Base tlhIvqu’ if im being frank. However the more pressing matter is you have been hoarding all that glorious comat for yourself! The Qul Cha’bIp and her crew are enroute to assist our Federation allies with their ‘Mirror Crisis’. Last thing we need is for them to have their problems spill into our backyard. Just tell us where we are needed, and we shall reign terror in the hearts of these ‘Terrans’.

//Ngay’ 'ej Batlh//
Roh’Khan of House Terrath
Commanding Officer,
I.K.S. Qul Cha’bIp

//ATTACHMENT// Ship-Readiness-Report(Qul Cha’bIp).doc


To: CAPT Roh’khan
From: BGEN Sadia Cynis
Subj: Re: Close to Home

it’s good to hear from you again. Your presence will be very welcome in this campaign against the Terran Empire. There will be no shortage of glory, the enemy presence is still strong and they have cunning commanders among their number. We managed to secure some smaller victories against enemy support squadrons, but the real masterminds and their lieutenants are still at large, despite our best efforts.
We shall meet at Talos Junction station in Yuhop system where you will receive current status report, and then we shall join our allies on the front lines.

Strength and Honor,

Brigadier General Sadia Cynis
Commanding Officer,
Task Force Hurq Mevik