SUBJ: Counselling | TO: Reyes, Mitsuki, Terik

To: LT Reyes, M; ENS Mitsuki, R; ENS Terik, A
CC: CMDR Samaras, A
BCC: CMDR Cius, S; CMDR Faraday, M; CMDR Lamb, O
From: CMDR Larson, N
Subj: Counselling Session

Good evening you three,

Because of the events of the last mission, Captain Bishop would like it if you all attended one joint counselling session and one individual session in the next week. Your joint session date is attached; don’t worry about shifts, they have been changed to compensate. This is not optional, so make sure you attend.

See you then!

Commander Natasha Larson
Head Counsellor - USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’