SUBJ: Endeavour Changes

To: <endeavour/all>
CC: CMDR Samaras, A
From: CAPT Mirazuni, A
Subj: Endeavour Changes

Good evening,

There have been a number of changes to the operational structure of the ship that I wish to communicate with you.

  1. Shift timings have been changed. Crew have been given 48 hours to adapt to the changes in their operational cycles, but these changes bring the ship in line with the shift structure of the starbase and other Starfleet facilities. This does mean that there are changes to workload, but these have been communicated to crew in advance.

  2. After reviewing the candidates for the replacement of the senior officers who left under Commander Samaras’ command, I have elected to bring in new officers to take the roles. They will be arriving in the next few days. They are as follows:

  • Lieutenant Rohraan Th’atelar, who will be taking over the medical department
  • Lieutenant Commander Grumblinbag, who will be taking over tactical.
  • Lieutenant Satzaf, who will be taking over security.
  1. Civilian Tom Barliman’s contract has been terminated, effective immediately. There may be a small disruption to fresh food production, but I am informed the replicators are all working perfectly.


Captain Mirazuni Ayesha, M.D.
Commanding Officer, USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: CAPT Mirazuni, A; <endeavour/all>
CC: CMDR Samaras, A
From: MCPO Boremar, B
Subj: Endeavour Changes

3 is the greatest news anyone has ever made on this entire ship.

thank you captain

Master Chief Petty Officer Bars Boremar
Steward, USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’