SUBJ: Family quarters

To: CAPT L. Varley
CC: -
From: CAPT A.H. Nimitz
Subj: Family Quarters.

Good afternoon Captain Varley, I hope this message finds you well. I am contacting you in hopes of securing a family unit onboard the starbase for relocation of my family if possible.

I would be free to meet in person if this would be better to discuss face to face. I am aware that it is no longer policy to allow quarters for shipboard personal on the starbase, however the main residents would be my daughter, her grandmother, and her caretaker. As well as my wife, Captain Drowvani-Nimitz, for the main duration of her maternity leave.

Captain Alistair H. Nimitz
Commanding Officer,
USS Pegasus (NCC-93462)


To: CAPT Nimitz, A.
CC: CMDR Sakkhet
From: CAPT Varley, L.
Subj: Re: Family Quarters.

Captain Nimitz.

Shouldn’t be a problem, your daughter’s grandmother will likely be listed as the primary resident given you and your wife’s occupation. Outside of special circumstances I don’t require a meeting to arrange these things, and they’re usually handled by my chief of operations, whom I’ve attached to this message. But if you have some sort of special circumstance that would justify a meeting, I can be available.

Captain Lauren Varley
Commanding Officer, Deep Space 13
38th Fleet ‘Argo’