SUBJ: Get on this. |TO: CMDR Dedoz; LCDR Jan

Stardate 94433.6
Security Level 3 - Restricted

TO CMDR K. Dedoz; LCDR S. Jan
CC ~~
SUBJ Get on this.

The pair of you,

I want answers and I want them now.

Why have my personal files been accessed and spread as rumours across the ENTIRE starbase? Do your damn jobs and get this fixed, immediately. If there is a security breach, I want it patched before something valuable, such as the Endeavour command codes, get leaked.

I don't want excuses, I want this sorted. Use whatever you need. Get in contact with Starbase security, or Intelligence, or whomever you need to. Just get it fixed.


Captain Dr Samuel Alexander Bishop
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour
38th Fleet, Aries Squadron
Stardate 94479.4
Security Level 3 - Restricted

TO CAPT S.A. Bishop; CMDR D. Strand
CC LCDR S. Jan; CAPT T. Thiessen; 1LT Valencia
SUBJ RE: Get on this.

Captain, Commander,

After a careful review of the ship's systems, I have ascertained that the hack did not come from within the Endeavour. Tracing both yours and Lieutenant Valencia's devices, whoever accessed your files did not do so via the Endeavour's systems. Rather, the leaks came from both of your respective PADDs. Thus I order both of you to surrender your PADDs to Lieutenant Commander Jan and report to me for new PADDs.

Although I was unable to trace the root of the access back to the perpetrator, I was able to ascertain that the source was located somewhere on the starbase. I am unable to track the exact console used as the hacker routed the hack through several consoles at once, no doubt to mask the true source of the hack. However, in doing so, we can be certain that whomever the hacker is, has security access to the starbase network. I have included Commander Strand into this message as well as Captain Thiessen in the hopes that they will be able to use this information going forward.

All the best,

Commander Kannys Dedoz
Chief Intelligence Officer - USS Endeavour
38th Fleet, Aries Squadron