SUBJ: Here for you | TO: CAPT A. Derenzis


TO CAPT A. Derenzis
CC ~~
FROM CAPT S. A. Bishop
SUBJ Here for you


It's hard to miss an evacuated starship in orbit, or the gaggle of evacuated crew on the station. I've heard that there was an explosion on board, and that you suffered losses.

I'm so sorry Alyx. I really am. A ship is family to her crew, but to a Captain, its more than that; it's a part of you, a part of your soul. And when anything happens to it, you feel as if your body is falling apart. You're facing a situation no Captain wants to face. I know how busy you've been this week, how much time and effort you've put in to your ship. For it to amount to this feels like you've failed and you've let yourself down.

This isn't the case, not in the slightest. Us Captains like to brag and boast about our ships, but the way I've seen and heard you talk about the Shackleton is unique, full of pride and determination against all the odds, very much an embodiment of her namesake. I cannot think of a finer Captain for that ship.

You are part of the 38th. That itself puts you in a tight family of Captains, that are closer than any other fleet I've seen. The damage to your ship isn't your problem alone. It's all of ours. I can promise you that everyone you speak to will hold the same sadness due to the Shackleton's current state. And we want to help. I want to help.

Please, let us know if we can do anything. We will spare engineers, we will reach out to contacts, and pull favours. Amy's spent years on starship design and construction, and she's willing to get friends to help, including those that worked on building the Shackleton.

The Shackleton is one of our own. We will not let anything to happen to her. At least, not without a fight. And if there's one thing we're good at on the Endeavour, it's holding our own and protecting others.

I'm always around if you want to talk. Just remember, this is not the end.

All the best,

Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop PhD
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour

//ATTACHMENT// endeavourcard.doc

//A card to Captain Derenzis an the Shackleton crew.

On the front, there's a picture of a sad Nebula class sitting on a hospital bed, with a bandage on her nacelle. The title says "Get Well Soon!"

On the inside, there's a list of signatures, with Sam's in the middle, and Amy's just below it. All the Endeavour senior staff have signed it, along with the bridge crew, and a great deal of the Endeavour crew.//