SUBJ: Intact Voth Ship Data / Keys

To: CAPT Bishop
CC: CMDR Mandra
From: LCDR Filo, O
Subj: SUBJ: Intact Voth Ship Data / Keys

Captain Bishop,

I am Glad to see that we were finally about to get an intact Voth computer from a Voth ship in this sector, which is even better since thanks to the efforts of others we also have an intact Voth cruiser to dissect.

To this end I am happy to report that after 2 days of looking over this Voth’s cruiser computer core, we were finally able to find and acquire the ‘keys’ we needed to get past this ‘Gatekeeper’. As a bonus we now have more information about the Gatekeeper itself, all this and other information will be displayed below.

  1. We have acquired the keys that will get us into the Vorash Pass that will allow us to get past the gatekeeper. Along with this we were also able to pre-make 4 other sets of keys in case this gatekeeper does a procedure roughly translated to ‘Fool’s Gambit Check’. From what we can see this check is a random procedure that the Gatekeeper will do to make sure that the ship sending these keys are Voth and not some other race or factation that has happened to stumble upon a key or two…

In this case it is a good thing we were able to take this Voth cruiser ‘scout’ intact, since without it, the keys we would of got from the Computer core alone would not be enough and this ‘Fool’s Gambit Check’ will catch our deception act and alert the Voth who most likely will change the ‘keys’ up to something else… I shudder to think what would happen if we had got the keys from the computer core alone and attempted to enter with a federation ship. The results and consequences are in my mind not worth thinking about.

  1. The Gatekeeper is actually a Voth Citadel Dreadnought that has been converted and modified to be able to open and close this ‘Vorash Pass’. While not much is detailed about it from this Voth Cruisers computer core, we can tell that even when this Citadel Dreadnought is modified and has less weapons systems, it has more defensive capabilities to compensate. The reason for this is probably because it is the important ship that only lets the Voth in this Vorash Pass so it would make sense for them to give it more durability…

It does not have to be said that if we go with a fleet into the Vorash Pass we will have a massive fight on our hands, not to mention any other Voth ship that is inside this Vorash Pass… To that End I would recommend that if we enter the Vorash Pass, it should be done as a stealth mission… If that is not an option and a fleet is needed, that will possibly work too but it may entail many losses on our part…

  1. There has been no talk or mention of a Voth City ship in this computer core which to us seems odd as the Voth being this far away from their home sector would have one somewhere nearby. This is a mystery we should try to figure out since according to the information we have on the Voth there should be a Voth City Ship somewhere in the sector where the Vorash Pass is…

I would advise that whatever action we take to enter the Vorash Pass we should stay alert in case it is just a case of this City Ship being hidden somewhere… If this City Ship is being Hidden then the Voth have done a good job keeping it hidden from us… However, Me and the team suspect that all our answers lay inside this ‘Vorash Pass’

That is the final point Me and the team will make in this report, however, we have a lot more information to report on, to that end we are going to make different logs or reports on the additional information we have separately. When they are done they will be attached to this report for easier location of these additional reports.

Filo, O
Lieutenant Commander
Science Analyst, Deep Space 13

To: CAPT Nimitz, A (@Nimitz)
CC: SCDR t’Cyklaas, E (@Valore)
From: CAPT Bishop, S
Subj: FWD: Intact Voth Ship Data / Keys

See above.

Was the Voth ship taken fully intact? If so, I want you to be able to crew a team to take that ship into the Pass. We will have a larger window before we are undetected. We can have the U.S.S. Pegasus and a team from Aries on standby to respond if the cover is blown.

Formulate a plan and then let me know.


Captain Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’