SUBJ: Loser Klingons | TO: S'Slaask

To: LT S’Slaask (@kermit)
From: CPT Valencia, G.
Subj: Loser Klingons


Hope you’re not too preoccupied thinking of those loser Klingons from yesterday. You could have snapped them like a twig if you wanted to.

A proper Klingon would have respected a man lizard of the verse. How else would one’s deeds be recorded for all time?

I’ve written a poem for you to cheer you up.

There was a Klingon who thought he was dominating
But he was actually found to be compensating
He picked on a lizard
who was as cool as a blizzard
and so his challenge ended up being humiliating


Captain Gabriella Valencia,
MACO Team 32 Lead - U.S.S. Endeavour
38th Fleet, “Argo”