SUBJ: MACO/KDF Wargames | TO: Jayne Mason-Archer

To: LTC Mason-Archer, J. (@Moose)
CC: BGEN Cynis, S. (@gulremal)
From: CPT Valencia, G.
Subj: MACO/KDF Wargames


As the 38th Fleet is conducting wargames with the Klingons, I was thinking that it would be a good idea to conduct our own wargames with the Klingon warriors here. It’s not often we get to train with the Klingons directly, and it could be good for us.

I’ve cc’d the KDF General in so you can arrange things with her.


Captain Gabriella Valencia,
MACO Team 32 Lead - U.S.S. Endeavour
38th Fleet, “Argo”


To: LTC Mason-Archer, J.
CC: CPT Valencia, G.
From: BGEN Sadia Cynis
Subj: RE: MACO/KDF Wargames

Honorable allies,
we are definitely interested is some impromptu joint ground training scenarios. If the Deep Space 13 facilities are currently too loaded, I can offer the use of I.K.S. Daramar’s holodecks - they are primarily used for military exercises anyway. Medical personnel will also be secured for the duration of the joint exercises. If you have any additional requirements, do let us know.

Strength and honor,

Brigadier General Sadia Cynis
Commander of KDF task force Hurq Mevik
5th Defense Fleet