SUBJ: Max needs a new part | To:MANDRA, ALINA

To: CMDR Mandra, Alina
CC: LCDR H’ajah, Daughter of Shal
From: LTJG Max
Subj: I require a replacement component.

I am unsure if this is even something that your offices are capable of, but I require a new primary data storage device to replace the one that was damaged and removed on 10/28/2419. I can provide the schematics to your office upon your request, but the module will require a varied degree of technologies from various sources. If a new data module is unable to be replicated I would like to discuss options for a replacement.

Lieutenant Junior Grade

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To: LTJG Max (@Max)
CC: LCDR H’ajah, Daughter of Shal (@Sophist)
From: CMDR Mandra, Alina
Subj: RE: I require a replacement component.

I suspect Engineering’s Computer Services is more directly helpful to you on this matter, so standby for H’ajah’s response as far as that goes I guess.

I do have a decent familiarity with computer storage, but never ones that have actively been used in cybernetic augmentations with living flesh. I don’t generally get involved in cybernetics like that in my work either. So unless H’ajah wants my input at all I’ll leave it to her to source the people that can help.

Commander/Doctor Alina Mandra
Computer Sciences,
DS13 Science Department