SUBJ: Notice of Discipline | TO: Valencia, G

To: CPT Valencia, G
CC: CAPT Mirazuni, A; LTC Mason-Archer, J (@Moose)
From: CMDR Samaras, A
Subj: Notice of Discipline

Captain Valencia,

For your actions on Risa, you are charged with one account of Conduct Unbecoming an Officer. You deliberately placed the life of a fellow officer in jeopardy and in doing so, you broke the oath taken to protect and serve.

The following disciplinary actions will be taken:

  1. Effective Stardate 97573.0, you are suspended from all active duty for a period of thirty (30) days, with conduct reviews being performed after ten (10) and twenty (20) days.

  2. During your suspension, you will be treated as a civilian and will be required to conform to all regulations of a civilian onboard the U.S.S. Endeavour.

  3. You are placed on a curfew and will be confined to quarters outside of curfew hours.

  4. You will only be allowed to disembark the U.S.S. Endeavour with the presence of an armed escort.

  5. You are barred from any recreational substances until further notice, which includes the purchase and consumption of any synthol.

An officer who is part of the Military Assault Command Operations is given a great responsibility, one which you have flaunted and breached when putting the life of a fellow officer at risk. You are strongly encouraged to think about your actions and how this reflects on you, this ship, and the branch which you hold in great esteem.


Commander Amelia Samaras
Executive Officer, USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: CMDR Samaras, A.
CC: CAPT Mirazuni, A.
From: LTC Mason-Archer, J.
Subj: Notice of Discipline


I appreciate being informed of this incident, however I would note the nature of conduct hearings and exact punishments of officers under a Detached Service is up to their Commanding Officers, applicable to the respective justice code, and would not be under the direct purview of MACO Administration or MACO justice code.

One thing I will note however, from an administrative overview and of a MACO perspective, it is my belief the charge should be lowered to the lesser Disorderly Conduct. I do not believe the Starfleet Code of Justice differs in this regard, however it may. Under the MACO Code of Justice, Conduct Unbecoming an Officer can only occur within an official capacity of an officers duty, which from my understanding of the incident (occurring during shore leave on Risa) would not fulfil this criteria.

Should Captain Valencia seek legal counsel in this regard, the distinction could be critical.

Lieutenant Colonel Jayne Mason-Archer
Military Assault Command Operations Administrative Officer,
Deep Space 13