SUBJ: Origins of the Lost Phaser | TO: Captain Vorik

To: CAPT Vorik (@Douketios)
From: CMDR Na’Toth Salene
Subj: Origins of the Lost Phaser


If you recall our previous discussion about antiques and my finding an old Type 2 phaser from the 2280’s deep in the Ajilon’s lower decks, seemingly forgotten. I followed your suggestion and tracing the serial number and looking through the historical archives and I have found the owner. It seems it belonged to the ship’s first skipper when it was still under the name of U.S.S. Seid. The captain’s name was Captain Howard S. Smith.

He lost it during the ship’s final cruise before being placed in moth-ball and didn’t report it until some years later. By then it was already left forgotten in the ship’s machinery spaces, not to be discovered until much later when I found it during one of my evening walks.

A bit interesting that the side-arm of the first captain is now in the possession of the ship’s last captain. Is it fate perhaps? An omen? If is, would it be a good omen or for ill? I’m now trying to see if I can get it working again.

P.S. I’ve attached an image of the phaser if you wish to see it.

Na’Toth Salene
Commanding Officer,
USS Ajilon



To: CMDR Na’Toth Salene
From: CAPT Vorik
Subj: Re: Origins of the Lost Phaser


I do recall the conversation, and I am pleased that my suggestion was helpful in providing some elucidation into the origins of the phaser. It seems, to me, that Captain Howard S. Smith was somewhat lax in his application of regulations if he only reported the missing weapon some years later; misplacing Starfleet weapons is not something any member of Starfleet, but especially a captain of a vessel, should be so galavant about.

Nevertheless as he has long since retired I do not feel it necessary to suggest that you request his record be amended to note such a lapse of judgement, but I would not disagree if you did so.

I imagine, given your experience with Vulcans, commander that I need not state the fact that omens are on the whole an illogical fantasy. However, if you feel a need to indulge the notion - as I find many non-Vulcans do - I would commend to your thoughts the Human philosopher Herakleitos, “Character is the provider of destiny” not omens; and I am confident your character will provide an agreeable and commendable ‘destiny’.

I appreciate the attached image, and would find further updates on your progress with restoration most agreeable.


Commanding Officer,
USS Durendal

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