SUBJ: Personnel improvement. TO: CAPT Nimitz Alistair

To: CAPT Nimitz, Alistair
From: CMDR Legrasse Hercule P.
Subj: Personnel improvement

Dear Captain Nimitz,

Are you at all familiar with the ancient Earth film called My fair lady? If not, I urge you to watch it, especially before continuing this message; the story is dated, but the acting is superb and the music is delightful! (I will attach a link for it to Starfleet’a database to facilitate your viewing).
The point of my filmic rambling, is that I intend to propose a wager between us much like the one depicted in the film; the subject, Lieutenant Valore. Rather than attempt to transform her into a high society lady (I hold no hope for her social graces, I fear), I would like ti shift the field to the culinary. I wish to propose a gentlemanly wager that Lieutenant Valore might or might not be educated to appreciate the delights of a fine dish.
Please let me know if the wager sounds agreeable to you and whether you believe Lieutenant Valore’s palate can be redeemed.

Best regards

Command0r H0rcul0 P. L0grass0
Sci0nc0 offic0r, Archa0ology d0partment
D00p spac0 16

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