SUBJ: Project Developments | TO: DS13/Science

Stardate 95459.6
Security Level 1: Open
TO DS13/Science
CC ~~
SUBJ Project Developments


The science department has been gifted two projects related to the Azedi that are of high priority. The project has been finalised with my staff and are ready to be shared with the rest of the department. Please view them below.

Project Slethi
Verteron beam defensive measures development.

Project Status: Planning (Reactivated)
Current Oversight: Science Department

 •  Hypothesize defensive measures for Azedi verteron weaponry
 •  Compile theoretical countermeasures for transfer of project to Engineering

- Azedi verteron beams were determined to originate from a wormhole within the Azedi dreadnoughts. The original project was merged with Project Teleraptor. Project Slethi has now been reactivated with the objective of finding a purely defensive measure against the verteron weapon that does not involve directly targeting the dreadnought's wormhole core.

Project Ezakka
Preemptive countermeasures research supporting Project Teleraptor.

Project Status: Planning
Current Oversight: Science Department

 •  Anticipate Azedi countermeasures to Project Teleraptor

- Having successfully deployed Project Teleraptor as an offensive weapon, DS13 Command believes it extremely likely that the Confederacy of Azed will work to develop countermeasures to the current implementation. This project is being launched to anticipate and predict those countermeasures so that they may be preemptively nullified.

Each project will be completed in a number of steps which shall be revealed upon the completion of the previous step. I have compiled a list of officers who will be working on the first step of each project below. Please preview the attachment carefully.

The first step for Project Slethi will be as follows: Analysis of previous work done in light of new objectives.

The first step for Project Ezakka will be as follows: Adaption of Teleraptor into computer and holographic simulations for extensive testing.

If you find that you have not been listed below but feel like you should be, please contact me so I can preview your qualifications.

Strength and Valour,

Lieutenant Commander Throk Fozka
Science Department Chief, Deep Space 13


OOC: Okay! Science Department! Feel free to assign yourself to the projects if you feel like your character is useful to them!