SUBJ: Rescue mission | TO: CAPT Roh'khan

To: CAPT Roh’khan
From: BGEN Sadia Cynis
Subj: Rescue mission

we’ve got some work to do. An asset of House Woldan has gone missing and we are to recover them. Due to the distance of their last known location from our current HQ, and the certain need for subtlety, we can’t send a large strike group - you are free to select up to couple more ship captains. I will join you on this operation with IKS Daramar’s parasite craft, IKS Kor’goth. See the attached mission briefing for more details.

Strength and Honor,

Brigadier General Sadia Cynis
Commanding Officer,
Task Force Hurq Mevik

Mission brief

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To: Task Force Hurq Mevik
CC: ((@Trellain43))
From: Captain Roh’Khan
Subj: Rescue Mission


Whilst Command is tied up with logistics of transferring Fleet Assets from the Zenas Expanse, our hosting allies here with House Woldan have asked for our assistance in a matter. A ship of their house has gone missing after a recon mission, and they need able bodied hands to help locate and retrieve them.

General Cynis will be joining the hunt, so if you have been looking for a oppertunity to show your worth, now is that time! We will be departing Starbase tlhIvqu’ within the next 12 hours, so if you are in, let me know and we will send over coordinates.

Captain Roh’Khan of House Terrath
Commanding Officer,
IKS Qul Cha’bIp

//ATTACHMENT// MissionBreif.ext

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