SUBJ: Updated Skeletal Frame For Ansha Bast Wind-People

To: @DS13.Engineering , @DS13.Medical
CC: LT Ansha Bast Wind-People
From: Dr Vakmar Singh, MD, CAPT Ret.
Subj: Updated Skeletal Frame For Ansha Bast Wind-People

Attached is information regarding LT Wind-People's upgraded skeleton. I have sent this to your engineering dept as they will need to be involved in the delicate fabrication of the skeleton.

As per LT Wind-People’s wishes, the new skeletal frame design is somewhat taller allowing her to stand at 1.57 meters. The skull has been elongated somewhat to give her a more adult looking face. She has also requested replacement focusing lens eyeballs with some enhancements. She wants a HUD interface in them. I tried to talk her out of the last bit but she was insistent she will need them.

Also included are various formula profiles for growth accelerants that are targeted to her specific genetic structure. This will speed up acceptance of the new skeleton as well as give treatment options for future injuries should they occur.

For those reading this email who are not familiar with her physiology, she is a sentient Eauscomycetes-like fungal colony that can attach itself to a surface and use that object as a ligature. In her case, she was given the current manufactured skeletal frame when she was approximately five years of age, and she forgot and none of knew it was to be replaced when she was in her teenage years. She will not need anesthesia nor require pain medication as this procedure will not hurt her. Knowing her she will be more annoyed to the inability to move for a while. Make sure she has audio books or something to entertain.

I estimate she will need 5 days with the accelerants to fully latch onto the new frame and accept the new eyeballs. Depending on how long the procedure to remove the old skeletal frame goes, with recovery and adjustment, she could be done in 2 weeks if my estimation is correct. That will be up to you. I cannot be there as I am the only doctor in my region. I do trust your staff so best I stay out of the way. That said, should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Dr Vakmar Singh, MD, CAPT Ret

//ATTACHMENT// Skeletal Upgrade for Wind-People, Ansha Bast, 2948773-32823


To: Dr Vakmar Singh, MD, CAPT Ret.
CC: LT Ansha Bast Wind-People , @DS13.Engineering
From: LTJG Jodi Izly
Subj: RE: Updated Skeletal Frame For Ansha Bast Wind-People

Dr Singh,

Thank you for reaching out to us with the needed information to ensure LT Wind-People’s transition is swift and efficient. We’ll be getting to work on assisting her within the coming days once Engineering has her new skeleton manufactured, and from there it’ll be down to the LT’s own comfort level in how long the transfer takes- hopefully within the estimated 2 weeks.

Jodi Izly
LTJG Station Nurse Practitioner,
Deep Space 13