SUBJ: Vol Ignii Archaeology Project | TO: PROF Anjar Kala

Stardate 95764.6

TO PROF K. Anjar
CC ~~
FROM CAPT S. A. Bishop
SUBJ Vol Ignii Archaeology Project


I hope you are well; it has been a long time.

I recently came across an exciting proposition by the President of the Vol Igniil. If you are unaware, the Vol Ignii are a Federation member species, who have been embroiled in numerous political conflicts in the past half-century. Whilst there has been peace and stability during their application to the Federation and in the ten years following, the species is still very much divided.

The reason I write to you is this; the President invited me to the planet to discuss the possibility of a Vol Ignii led project that aims to rediscover Vol Ignii heritage, history, and culture, with Federation advisors and academics to help them. I am waiting for a reply from the President that signals his proposal has cross-party support, due to clear pitfalls and hurdles, but if it goes through, I would like your name to be in contention as the lead overseer of Federation academics on this project. I cannot think of anyone who is more qualified in the field than you, and I wholeheartedly believe that this will be a fantastic project with many benefits to both parties.

I hope to see you soon; none of my patrols take me past Bajor in the near future, but you are always welcome on board the Endeavour if you have time.

Be well, old friend.

Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop PhD
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour
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