SUBJ: Voth Data Devices

To: CAPT Bishop
CC: CMDR Mandra
From: LCDR Filo, O
Subj: Voth Data Devices from Voth Boarders from the Pegasus.

Captain Bishop,

I have finished looking into these Voth ‘data devices’ that were acquired after the boarding attempt on the Pegasus. I am happy to report that they are indeed data devices and myself and other members of the team were able to retrieve information from them… However, that brings me on to the bad news, which is there was not much useful information on these data devices that we could recover, only some limited cryptic information…

This limited cryptic information is as follows,

  1. The Voth have a ‘home base’ in the area that they encountered the Pegasus inside something called the ‘The Vorash Pass’… What this pass is exactly is unknown, however, Based on the logs from the incident it may have something to do with the ‘Hole in Subspace’ that was detected before the Voth showed up. (This is only speculation and needs more data to confirm…)

  2. The Voth are working on something they call ‘The Facility’ inside this Vorash pass, to what extent this is unknown since the information we can get is limited and only mentions this.

  3. To access this Vorash pass or ‘Home Base’ you need a ‘key’ to pass on to the so called ‘Gatekeeper’ to get inside. (What this Gatekeeper is exactly and means with this key is unknown and only open to speculation)

This is all the information we were able to gather from these Voth Data devices and it leaves us with more questions then answers, however, there is some good news. Which is we have indications that if we can get our hands on an intact Voth Computer core, From a ship in this ‘sector’, we maybe able to get more accurate information on what the Voth are up to in this sector of space…

I would recommend that if any salvage missions is sent to the battle sight between the Voth and the Pegasus (Along with the Wisdom), that they try and focus finding an intact or as intact as possible Voth Computer core, to help our efforts in finding out why the Voth are in this sector.

Filo, O
Lieutenant Commander
Science Analyst, Deep Space 13

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