SUBJ: Wallstark Hologram Exorcised From DS13 Systems.

To: LCDR Blake, K
From: LCDR Loxton, N
Subj: Wallstark Has Been Exorcised! Rejoice!


I just ran a standard security sweep of the turbolift systems. I was looking for any sort of anomaly which caused the turbolift to malfunction earlier this evening. It appears that the malfunction was caused when a code matching Wallstark’s signature briefly took control of the turbolift and attempted to sabotage the turbolift with me, Cadet Aetah and her pet lobster ‘Lobsfie’ in it this evening. The code appears to have completely de-compiled at that moment. I ran several scans to confirm it. Perhaps this was due to the Engineering department or Operations? Whomever or however it happened, I owe them a drink at least.

How should I proceed about Tevalak? I presume he has liability in this long, drawn out affair.

I also still am keenly aware of your leniency regarding my disobedience during this investigation. Now that this investigation is coming to a close, I submit myself for any disciplinary action you might recommend.

LCDR Loxton

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