SUBJ: Your safe return | TO: SVM Survivors

To: CAPT Konieczko, D (@Konieczko); CAPT Nimitz, A (@Nimitz); CMDR Jarnefelt, C (@Eunha); CMDR Kermit, J (@kermit); SCDR tr’Nai, J (@Sophist); LCDR Sedai, K (@Katriel); CPT Valencia, G; LT Shinwa, T (@Master_Dex); ENS Sovum, V (@Veneela); CPO Ashodi, T (@Moose)
CC: RADM Quint, E; WCDR Miral; CAPT Varley, L (@Lauren); CAPT Mirazuni, A
From: RDML Bishop, S
Subj: Your safe return


It is good to see you all back, healthy and alive. You all may have undertaken survival training, but having to survive in a hostile environment for real is not something that you can ever train for.

Recovering from your ordeal is vitally important. To this end, you will all have no less than forty-eight (48) hours of mandatory leave. In addition, you must undertake both a medical examination and a psychological examination. These criteria must be fulfilled before you can return to active duty. Your commanding officers, whom I have cc’d into this message, may allow extra time for leave; this is at their discretion.

Subcommander, none of these restrictions apply to you; your own commanding officer will most likely have their own plans for your recovery.

Welcome back home.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’


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