Sunday RP with Patterns of Force

(I'm not sure if this should go in the coalitions section or not, any Mod, please move this where it needs to be!)

Patterns of Force has a few RP'ers that would love to interact with Task Force Argo. They were hoping to get together with TFA this Sunday afternoon (June 9th) around 3ish Eastern time. Is anyone available Sunday?
I will try, but that's around 12pm PDT, and I do stuff until around 2 or so every day. Best I can do is "maybe."
I should be around
Yes, but I might be using Captain Cross.
I'm headed in game now. I'll throw something up on the fleet events calendar in game!
Thanks very much for getting this arranged! :d
I will do my best to attend, but no promises. Sunday is my only day off this week, and my wife might have plans.
Thank you to everyone that came out! A lot of interesting things happened, and some possible (and currently running) plotlines were inadvertently advanced. Hopefully, there will be more interaction in the future, if the powers that be on both sides approve.
There's a (nearly) complete log of the evening located here, and a bit of IC paperwork spawned by the events of the evening here.

It was an epic evening, for sure. I haven't RPed with that many people at since the good ol' IRC days! Thanks, everyone, for making it a memorable event!