1900 hours

“These are pretty good, you want some?” Bana asked his partner Eric, who was looking through binoculars. Eric didn’t answer right away, he just kept on looking through the binoculars at his target.

“How does a guy like that get a girl like her?” Eric muttered, Bana shook his head.

“You know how these Starfleet guys are. They make stuff up to impress the ladies, whereas it’s guys like us that see all the real action.”

Eric put the binoculars down and took one of the little appetizers that Bana had offered. It tasted good.

“Good, right?” Bana smiled. “They must be new. They didn’t have these when I was last here.”

Eric thought as he chewed. “We have to find a way to draw him away from the girl, from the resort if possible.”

“Easier said than done, he’s been hanging out with the Romulan bird and others he knows here. They must all be on some sort of vacation.”

Eric sighed, Bana’s obvious conclusions really wore him down but he skipped the sarcastic retort.

“Yeah, I caught him chatting to a Vulcan the other day, she was reading a book that she said he would like. He left in a hurry too, I thought he might have clocked me but he just had to go. I considered talking to the Vulcan, posing as a friend of his but they seemed familiar, like she might know all his friends, you know?”

Bana scoffed another of the appetizers.

“Why are we even wasting our time watching him? Why don’t we just make it look like a tragic accident. We can easily mess with his floater or something while he’s out over the volcano.”

Eric shook his head.

“Because senior management want us to interrogate him first. They’ve given me strict instructions on what to ask. That business back on Centauri has them jumpy and they don’t want to take any more chances.”

Eric put the binoculars to his eyes and watched Nick and Veneela dive into the waves and laugh.

“We’ll watch him a few more days. Maybe the girl will get bored of him and move on and we can bag him when he’s crying on the back beach somewhere.”

Bana smiled, rubbing his hands. “I think I could persuade her to dump him.”

This time, Eric looked at Bana, taking in his short, stocky frame, protruding synthale belly and hair growing out of his ears.

“I…have a feeling your charms will be wasted on a girl like that, old buddy. She’s a Doctor. She’s likely to prescribe something for your excess follicles.”

Bana sighed.

“A few more days it is then!”

The two men headed off from their secluded location as the delighted shouts of the beachgoers having fun continued.