Taela t'Parnus



erei'Riov (TR: Subcommander)

Commanding Officer,
R.R.W. Vauthil


1.68 m
60 kg
Dark Brown


Mhiessan, Ch'Rihan (Romulus)
Haldek tr'Vorroth (father)
Restaurant owner, deceased (2387)
Cirrena t'Vorroth (mother)
Restaurant owner, deceased (2387)
D'Varin tr'Parnus (adoptive uncle)
RRF Centurion, deceased (2414)


  • 2408 | Enlisted with RRF; commissioned as S/Lt on basis of prior civilian experience
  • 2408 | Assigned to R.R.W. Sienae'nsai as junior engineer
  • 2409 | Promoted to Centurion
  • 2410 | Transferred, at own request, to R.R.W. Lyret Bont'ukhi as damage control and assault team leader
  • 2412 | Survived loss of Lyret Bont'ukhi in battle, Tephrei System
  • 2412 | Promoted to S/Cdr and given command of R.R.W. Vauthil
  • 2414 | Took part in defense of Mol'Rihan from Iconian attack; reassigned, despite protest, to defend Alliance strategic asset "Looking Glass", Zenas Expanse
  • 2416 | Recalled and assigned to 38th Fleet JSI


Taela's parents were merchants, owners and operators of a seafood restaurant close to the docks of Mhiessan that was favored by tourists and locals alike. When news of the supernova broke and the homeworld began its slide into desperate madness, they traded their life's savings (and other things that she will never know) for a space on a transport for their only daughter. Over her protests, they commanded and begged her to live for them, and to remember.

The next few hours were a nightmare blur; passed from one set of hands to another, shepherded through a crushing mass of people, their voices raised in a cacophony of terror and anger and need - all the Passions on display, and precious little moments of mnei'sahe, etched in her memory - until finally, almost before she realized it, they were aboard the ship and taking off. Twelve more hours of drifting, suspended between life and death, surrounded by misery and fear and sorrow. And then, the incomprehensible news, rippling through the crowded transport in murmurs and rising shrieks: that everything she had known - her parents, their business, the proud port city, even the timeless sea - was gone. Numb, she sat with the other refugees and waited her turn to begin painting her brow with the marks of grief.

Over the next days and weeks, many succumbed to sicknesses of the body or the spirit. Part of her wanted to join them. But there was too much fire in her - Fire, and solid practical Earth - to just give up. With few skills to her name, she started in the galley, dishing out slop from the overworked replicator to her fellow passengers, and was shuffled around until she got to the engineering section. There was always something on the old transport that needed fixing, especially with the burdens it was now asked to bear. When they finally reached a world that would let them unload their cargo, Taela chose to remain aboard, not needing or wanting any other home to replace the one she'd lost.

Months passed, then years, as Hwaelnen Eial plied the spaceways, doing their part to keep the remnants of empire stitched together. The rhythms and habits of shipboard life became hers. Taela was eventually adopted by a kindly engineer who'd served on a warbird in his youth and lost his family before she was born. Though she still honored her birth parents and their Names, it sometimes seemed to her that the carefree girl who'd loved the big city was someone else, a stranger she'd read about or briefly played in a holodrama. Unfortunately, there were others who remembered those days, and were willing to go to any length and demand any sacrifice (of others) to bring them back.

The crew of the Hwaelnen Eial tried to stay out of politics, but with the Empress and the Tal Shiar tightening their grip, trying to bring all "rebellious" Rihannsu under their control, it was inevitable that they'd be forced to choose a side. The final shove came when they happened to be visiting an independent station when the Tal Shiar came to seize it - along with all vessels currently in dock, and their cargos - in the name of the Star Empire. When the captain protested, the Tal Shiar commander decided to make an example of them and opened fire. They escaped, barely, but at a heavy cost: the captain and over half the crew dead or seriously wounded, the ship herself barely able to limp away and hide in a nearby nebula. It was there, in the cold and dark, trying to keep both friends and ship from bleeding out while they waited for the Tal Shiar to either give up and leave or find them and finish it, that Taela swore an oath of vengeance.

Hwaelnen Eial eventually made it to a friendly world, but would never fly again. The surviving crew held a vote, sold the cargo for what they could get and the ship for scrap, and cashed out their shares. It was the second time that Taela had to say goodbye to family, but at least this time, she still had her dear "uncle". Together, they offered their services to the Republic. (She was dismayed when he asked for, and got, a groundside assignment in a repair yard while she requested a starship post, but they managed to come to an accord, with him indulgently agreeing to join her crew once she had her own ship.)

Taela's first post, on the basis of her previous experience, was to a T'Varo-class light warbird (R.R.W Sienae'nsai) as a sublieutenant and junior engineer. The scrappy little ship saw plenty of action on the Klingon border, turning back Nausicaan and Orion raiders who would prey on innocent colonists and traders (once citizens of the Empire, now of the Republic). In one incident, Taela's landing party was ambushed by Hirogen looking for prey; she managed to escape, improvise a trap and acquire a weapon, then lead the others in turning the tables on their hunters. Though she was well-regarded by her shipmates (and soon promoted) for her technical skill and her vicious tenacity in combat, she became increasingly dissatisfied with merely chasing pirates, and after two years requested reassignment to a ship that would take the fight to the Tal Shiar. Her request landed on the desk of khre'riov Varok tr'Serett, who had recently taken command of the D'Deridex-class R.R.W. Lyret Bont'ukhi and intended to do just that.

Of Lyret Bont'ukhi, Taela would later remark: "He was a magnificent old bull, but it took him an hour to obey an order, and half a light-year to turn around. Guess that's what you get when you name a starship 'Unyielding [truth]'." Her new job was leading damage control teams aboard ship, and assault teams during boarding or ground operations; but what she loved to do, even in her off-duty hours, was to come down to main engineering and observe the massive singularity core in operation. She served aboard the battlecruiser for sixteen months, right up to the ship's final battle, in which she and her team fought in vain for hours to control the plasma fires raging through the hull. "In the end, there wasn't anything left of him but a burnt-out shell." For their doomed but heroic efforts, the survivors received commendations, medals, and - in her case - a promotion to the rank of erei'riov and a ship of her own.

That last reward was not as great as it might seem in the telling. When informed of her new rank and responsibilities while recovering in the Flotilla's medical facilities, Taela had asked for a ship that she could take into harm's way; what she got was a Mogai-class warbird only a few years younger than she was, captured from Imperial forces in another recent battle and in need of comprehensive repairs as well as a crew. But rather than be daunted by such a challenge, the new Subcommander threw herself into it. Vauthil has now been fully upgraded to Fleet standards, and is worthy to bear the name of "victory."

Taela and her crew fought in defense of Mol'Rihan against the Iconians, both in orbit and on the ground, but afterward found themselves dispatched to the far side of Cardassian space, to stand watch over (and learn whatever they could about) the mysterious outpost known as "Looking Glass." Despite its strategic importance to the Alliance in monitoring Iconian movements and predicting attacks, Taela still chafed at being posted so far from the main action. Now, with the war over, Vauthil has been reassigned again... and the restless subcommander tries to tell herself that while it's not the Home Fleet, or going up against the Imperial remnant, at least she's getting closer. For now, and always, she will do as duty demands.

Taela can claim membership, by adoption, in the once-respected clan of Parnus. However, she has little interest in actually doing so (other than to honor the name of her "uncle"), and in any event, the house of Parnus is not what it was before Hobus.


STATUS: OK for active duty
EVALUATOR: Lahae t'Sorox, CMO R.R.W. Vauthil

STATUS: OK for active duty
EVALUATOR: Lahae t'Sorox, CMO R.R.W. Vauthil