Tango (Feb. 7th)

An informant on Drozana station claims he has information on Getri Esahr's whereabouts and that he may be within the borders of Federation space. If he can be tracked down, this would be the first good opportunity to bring the Bajoran criminal in that Starfleet has gotten in a long time.

Orders are to follow up on the tip and, if possible, bring the suspect in alive to stand trial.

WHAT: A short, RP-focused foundry mission run with Esahr with the potential for more RP back on DS-13
WHEN: Feb. 7th (alpha shift).
WHERE: The event will begin at DS-13, move to Drozana, then into a foundry mission, and then probably back to DS-13
Primary OOC Contact: @Esahr
Bump! This is ... today in two minutes! >_>
How did this go?
Still in progress. :roll:
Thanks to all who attended, hope you enjoyed it. Decided to play camera person, since ... you really don't need that many people to take out a single criminal element. ;x

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(was too lazy to photoshop out that one npc, sry!)
Awww daaamn, rockin' that KHAAAN.
Does anyone have an AAR for what happened on this mission? I wasn't there and so am left kind of trying to piece little bits together for the discussions I'm having IC with Esahr. But... I would think ICly somewhere there would be a report of the incident.