Task Force Dove Briefing - Itrin Station ((Road to Peace))

To: @TF.Dove
From: Lt Aev
Subj: Mission Briefing


As we approach our destination, I wanted to bring you all up to speed with our progress so far. This will also help clarify the overall purpose of our mission. Reviewing the Azedi datafile may be helpful, as we have access to the entire file.

Our goal at Itrin station is to secure a contact, contract, or other arrangement that enables us to deliver goods or supplies to the Confederate member world of Ralin. We’re working to establish some kind of inside channel with a member of their political body. We know a lively smuggling trade exists supplying the Confederacy with all manner of imports, from food to machinery to leisure goods. This information is also documented in the datafile.

As such, our cover places us aboard the S.S. Delta, an aging Harmony class vessel well suited to smuggling. Your cover identities are all suitably arranged to match the crew of such a vessel. The most difficult part of this mission will be maintaining a convincing cover. We’re not expecting anyone to heavily vet your personnel record, although they’ve been constructed to stand up to that. Rather, the challenge will be in how well you all slot into your identities.

If you are unfamiliar with Itrin station, this section will be important. The Azedi avoid this area of space, going so far as to curve their claimed territory around it. Over the years it’s become a hub for civilian commerce in the region. The Itrin themselves maintain the station but don’t interact with the visitors. There are no formal laws or governing body, although a private security company uncreatively named Itrin Security maintains a very low level of order. They’re mostly a racketeering outfit, so keep that in mind when going aboard. Expect to encounter a wide variety of species aboard.

Appearing on the station and simply looking around isn’t a viable strategy, so I’ve been working on several leads for you all to chase down once we arrive. I’ve also spent the past several weeks dropping references to the Delta in relevant locations all over the sector, so we’re not a completely unknown entity. I’ll outline the leads in no particular order below.

First Lead

Tale Mani is a known dealer in Confederate goods. I haven’t been able to determine if they’re looking for additional ships to cross the border and bring goods back for trade, but a cold call here may be appropriate. They could also be working with several other crews, which may be a lead on its own.

Second Lead

The captain and crew of the Ingot instigated a brawl on Itrin station two nights back and is spending time in the brig. I’ve been able to trawl through their records and establish that they’re smuggling goods to and from several confederate plants. We can speak to them about buying out their contract, secure their release and demand something in return, or arrange for them to be out of commission for long enough to take their job.

Third Lead

The crew of the Wren has been making it very clear they have the best record of crossing the Azedi border and returning with a veritable wealth of tradeable goods. A quick look at Itrin Station’s maintenance logs says the Wren requested a dilithium crystal realignment. If we took that ship out of action, some spots may open up for us. We’d have to get someone aboard to do that or bribe a member of the maintenance crew. Of course, additional creative solutions are always welcome.

Once you get aboard the station, you’re free to pursue any and all of the above leads. Remember to stay dynamic and adjust on the fly if another opportunity presents itself. As a general notice to the rest of you, Captain Valencia will be unavailable save an emergent situation. I have her chasing down another lead that may help once we arrive on Ralin.

Lieutenant Aev
Intelligence Officer, R.R.W. D’Ishae

OOC: Since I want to keep the event time hovering around two hours, this is my attempt to move the briefing to a text format. If your characters have any questions feel free to bring them up at the start.