Task Force Dove Briefing - Ralin ((Field Trip to Ralin))

To: @TF.Dove
From: Lt Aev
Subj: Ralin Mission Briefing


I have some important updates and mission information to share with you all prior to our arrival on Ralin. Our mission on Itrin station created some opportunities for us, but there is a bad news side to our efforts that I’ll detail further in this message.

Before we discuss mission details, we all need to have a basic understanding of the Ralin political system. I’ll keep the civics lesson short. Over the past few weeks I’ve been digging up what I can from our sources back in the Federation as well as speaking to various merchant ships that trade in this region of space. The Ralin are a bit of an abnormality in Azedi politics. Rather than an appointed military, religious, or other leader of that nature the Ralin’s primary governing body is the Principal Assembly. They may have a local word for it, but our translators haven’t chewed through it yet.

It’s a proportional representation system. Political units are referred to as assemblies, and the representatives sent to the Principal Assembly are Delegates. The leading assemblies form a governing coalition but refrain from electing an individual as the head of government. Any and all legislation is subject to a lengthy session of compromise before it’s voted on, which translates to an incredibly slow moving political system. The current coalition is heavily biased towards maintaining the status quo across most legislative agendas.

Now on to the good news. Taking the Ingot and Wren out of the picture has created an opening for us on Ralin. I’ve made contact with the Anti-Corruption Assembly. They’re a fairly new assembly with only a single Delegate, but they’ve agreed to clear us into one of the few civilian merchant landing areas for a meeting. Their main agenda seems to be Confederacy-wide reform to eliminate the corruption and inertia that make food smuggling to places like Kacam a necessity. They’re sending a senior staffer out to meet us.

The bad news is the sealed containers we’re carrying and the weapons we’re slated to pick up on Ralin. If this Anti-Corruption Assembly catches wind of it we may risk our relationship with them. They’re our best chance to support any kind of reforms to Azedi politics. We have some options here, but we’ll want a plan going forward. We’re also going to need to be very careful reaching our landing point. Interdiction by any Azedi military vessel is going to have drastic consequences. This mission will be the riskiest yet, but the opportunities warrant the danger.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Lieutenant Aev
Intelligence Officer, R.R.W. D’Ishae

OOC: Since I want to keep the event time hovering around two hours, this is my attempt to move the briefing to a text format. If your characters have any questions feel free to bring them up at the start.