Task Force Spartacus Request for Aid

To: CMDR Miral @Aev
CC: LTCMDR MacGennis @GameBreaker ; CAPT Bishop @Sam ; LT Valore @Valore ; CDR J’Vox @Umarmung
From: CAPT MacLeod
Subj: Request for Republic Aide

CMDR Miral,

I hope this finds you well. Let me begin by introducing myself and thanking you for taking the time review my request on behalf of the Romulan Republic.

My name is Captain James MacLeod commanding officer of the USS DunVegan assigned to the Spartacus Task force under the 38th Fleet Command.

Currently we are tasked with brining an end to the increase of slaver activity. This issue has been plaguing both the Federation and the Republic for quite some time, and we are determined to bring the slavers to justice and put an end to this.

As you are aware there is currently a rogue warbird attacking suspected slaver vessels in the sector. This group seems to have better intel on the slavers then ourselves. With that being said we are working to apprehend or make contact with the vigilante group so that we may also benefit from their intel. We are hoping for a peaceful resolution to which we would be happy to turn the crew and warbird over to you and the Republic.

What we need from you is any assistance you can provide in locating the warbird. Currently LtCmdr Quinn is working to adjust his science vessel into a Warbird sniffing blood hound. We could use any details on how to locate their Tachyon Beacon, warp signature, plasma trail etc. We are fairly certain we will be able to limit them to one sector for a brief period of time, but, that is still to much space to search quickly if we don’t know what we are looking for.

Thank you for your consideration of my request.

James L MacLeod
Commanding Officer,
USS DunVegan

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To: CAPT MacLeod
CC: CDR J’Vox, LT Valore
From: WCDR Miral
Subj: RE: Request for Republic Aid


While I am normally happy to share intel with our allies, I’m afraid I have no such intelligence to pass along. We’ve been looking into specifics, but the lack of information on our adversaries (Including who exactly our adversaries are) are stifling those efforts. Rest assured, if we do develop any actionable information it will be passed along.

I’ve assigned Commander J’Vox to help track these slavers down, however. If our adversaries are indeed Romulans he will be a valuable tactical resource for your task force. If they are simply crewing a warbird he will likewise be able to accurately identify any type weaknesses.

Wing Commander Miral
Joint Squadron Commander - Aldebaran

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