TBD: Trivia Night at The Event Horizon Lounge

Gather ye' nerds, know-it-all's and trivia lovers! Find a science officer, historian. It's trivia night at the Event Horizon Lounge! ((sorry Kermit don't strike me!)


When: TBD

Where: The Event Horizon Lounge, DS13

What: Trivia night using information that may be common knowledge ICly. (An example of what would NOT be asked would be: "Who played Captain Picard." or other such episodic questions.

OOC point of contact: @DoABarrelRoll

EDIT: Forgot to add in, we'll be creating (hopefully) even teams, sizes will be dependent on how many show up.

Also, it is not called "Swifty's" or the Starlight Cantina. Please remit your improper nomenclature fine to Bastet Commercial Enterprises.
Fine submitted and edited, as for the when.. hold on to your space horses.
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I am totally in!
This sounds fun, I'll join in.
Heck yes!
Depends on when it is but I can attend, I will.
I'm going to REsubmit This doodle but this time NOT in admin mode, for interested people's consideration. The days on them are not necessarily this or next week. Just getting a good look at what day (likely an evening thinking Gamma +1 or +2) works best for people. I'll send out another doodle with more specific times once we know a good day.
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I did the doodle, but I'm away from my PC until after the 4th so I won't be in game until then.