TF: Dove - Identities

To: @TF.Dove
CC: RADM Quint, E.
From: LT Valore
Subj: Dove: Identities

Good day,

The cover identities designed for our travel to Itrin Station have been designed. You are to study them and be prepared to masquerade as these fictional individuals. Please inform me if there are any difficulties. I am here to assist. I included all identities in this message so that one can also get to know their fictional colleagues.

On a side note, it would appear that Commander Sideris had quite a bit of fun arranging these identities. I suspect some of you may be rather amused.

A reminder to not distribute any of the contained information outside of those present in the message header.

Lieutenant Valore
Administrative Yeoman,
Office of the Admiralty


Valore: 'V'Lar'

Captain of the Delta for a little over a year, V’Lar has tried to bring logic into the rough world of civilian shipping. Increasingly scarce jobs and increasingly high fuel and repair bills has allowed V’Lar to apply suitably questionable logic to their situation, resulting in the ship smuggling goods to make ends meet. Justified as meeting the needs of her crew, V’Lar spends an awful lot of time meditating. Their last job didn’t go well. The Delta ran into a Klingon rival, and was barely able to limp away. Having amassed enough savings and looking to upgrade, V’Lar is in the market for a new ship and new customers.


Khet: 'Kriec Presell'

The second newest member of the crew, Khet is still not sure how the Delta manages to hold atmosphere. Originally from a colony world, he learned his trade on the job working with more experienced engineers, doing whatever was needed to keep the lights on at home. Rapidly deteriorating colony conditions and a nasty argument with his mentor led to him sneaking away without notice on a visiting freighter. He worked as a member of that crew for a time, then spent a few years as a transient, finding odd jobs wherever suitable. It’s clear to anyone that spends more than a few days with the man that he’s harboring some guilt for leaving.


Chell: 'Chelea Kihar'

Joined the crew a few months before Kriec, Chelea has a reputation as a racer with a loose interpretation of rules. Unlike the majority of the crew, Chelea enjoyed a privileged childhood. Annoyed by the success of her older brother and sick of the comparisons, she set out alone one night with one of the families shuttle craft. Realizing the vessel was tracked, she led her pursuers on a three sector wide chase, often doubling back and taunting the people sent to bring her back. Growing board of the race after a few months, she ditched the shuttle and was hired on as a race pilot, where the crew were disqualified in seven separate races for cheating. Wanting a change of pace, Chelea joined the Delta crew.


Aev: 'Ali'

The newest member of the Delta crew, and perhaps the most untrusted. He’s tight lipped about his past, but the rest of the crew has been able to piece together he grew up in Imperial space and fled military service. He has an uncanny ability to find anything the crew needs, including parts that should have been retired ages ago. Likewise, he can acquire a few of the crew’s favorite items at ports of call. They still don’t trust him enough to let him participate in most away missions, something the Romulan doesn’t seem to mind.


Valencia: Gabriella 'Brie Valenna'

The resident tough mercenary , Valenna has been with the crew of the Delta for a couple of years. A rumored deserter from an elite paramilitary organization, she’s good to have in a fight and dangerous to aggravate. If there’s a negotation, a pickup, a handoff or any other situation that has a chance to turn, she and her weapons of choice come along. Word is she serves on the Delta because she has to keep a low profile until the heat’s off, but given how long she’s already been with the ship, that could be a while yet.


Sideris: 'Neil Carr'

Neil joined the crew when the Delta was considered new, and has been hanging around ever since. He’s held a variety of jobs, even serving as Captain of the ship for a brief stint that ended with a few dead crew. Growing up on a similiar ship gives him a unique perspective, and his advice is well heeded. He’s been wanting off the ship, but has been struggling with what comes next. There is also the fact that only he can remember half of the haphazard repair jobs that have been with the ship for a long time, marking him as essential to keeping the bucket running. The chance of selling the ship may be his moment.


To: LCDR Sideris, N (@Calyx)
CC: ~~
From: CPT Valencia, G
Subj: RE: Dove: Identities

lol these are fricking amazing



Captain Gabriella Valencia
Team Lead - MACO Team 32, USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’