The Azedi Doctrine

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Azedi War Plans

Executive Summary With a new administration now in place and interest in the Azedi rekindled, it is time to turn attention back to the Confederacy of Azed. Based on previous encounters with the Confederacy of Azed, it is believed that half-measures would only exacerbate conflict without providing resolution.

As a result, two plans have been composed. Plan A has been approved for execution, whilst Plan Z shall remain as a contingency plan in case all other courses of action are deemed exhausted.

Due to the highly sensitive nature of the situation, information will be kept strictly on a need-to-know basis. As of right now, that includes only Rear Admiral Quint, Ambassador Perim, and this officer, but permission to read-in has been granted where deemed necessary on a case-by-case basis.

Do not distribute without the express permission of the Commander of the 38th Fleet.

Plan A Dubbed ‘Operation Dove’. Attempts to reconcile with the Azedi will be put into effect. Due to previous hostile encounters and years of distrust between the Federation and Confederacy of Azed, it has been decided that the attempt will be to establish unofficial backchannels between the Office of the Admiralty and anti-war ‘doves’ of the Confederacy of Azed. The Azedi’s confederate system may make this more viable than in other circumstances.

This officer will attempt to encounter Azedi intelligence operatives on commercial stations near the Exclusionary Zone. The leaking of non-crucial intelligence that would not encourage a wartime resolution has been approved in order to garner trust and legitimacy. Deeper conversation with potential doves and fifth columnists must be taken in total confidence and sabotage must be avoided at all costs. This includes both hawks who may attempt to manipulate this opportunity to ‘clean house’ of those who may oppose conflict with the Federation, along with Starfleet officers with hawkish opinions due to the destruction of Deep Space Thirteen several years ago.

The goal is perpetual peace between the Federation and Confederacy. Lieutenant Commander Sideris has been approved for read-in at the discretion of this officer. Anyone brought in on Operation Dove must be vetted for potential lingering feelings from the destruction of the Starbase. The lingering affects could be seen in the previous administration, and that must not be allowed to cloud the potential of a peace settlement.

Plan Z Dubbed ‘War Plan: Hawk’. Plan Z is to go into effect should the Commander of the 38th Fleet conclude that all possible avenues for peace and resolution have been exhausted. Upon the realization of Plan Z, the following is to occur chronologically:

  1. The 38th Fleet is to fully mobilize for wartime at either Deep Space 13 or another rally point as ordered by Fleet Command. In the absence of a rally point, Deep Space 13 shall act as one.

  2. The 38th Fleet shall then proceed to the Azedi Exclusionary Zone. Upon entering it, the fleet shall raze every Azedi ship and installation from there to Azed and the other home planets of the Confederacy.

  3. The fleet shall blockade the home planets of the Confederacy and begin ground invasions.

  4. Upon successful occupation, a puppet government shall be established and shall be subjected to Federation interests.

Suffice to say, this is the second worst case scenario. It is to be avoided at all costs and all efforts should be made to bring about peaceful resolution.

OOC This plan has not been filed yet, and only exists on a PADD in the fleet command office. It is not accessible by anyone except those who have been read-in via rp, but may be filed in the future if deemed appropriate.