The Exodus Road - TFA Funding? [RL is Awful Warning]

Beaaaar with me and don't judge until the end, k?

One of my coworkers spent some time in Thailand on undercover investigations to search and rescue child sex slaves and persecute the offenders. He was telling me about it on Friday, and it's been haunting me all weekend.

I intend to donate/sponser one of the investigation teams monthly. What I'm curious about is if there are other people within TFA interested in also donating, either one-time or monthly or maybe just now and then-- enough so that we should make it a TFA Monthly Fundraiser.

I personally think it would be kind of amazing for a group- despite any and all the problems we have elsewise- of privileged, creative individuals playing in a human rights-wise Utopian vision of the future helped to make that future real, one tiny step at a time.

Be aware that the organization I'm looking at, The Exodus Road, is religiously affiliated (for better or for worse) but I don't think that this detracts from the reality of the value in what they are doing.

K, now you can judge. Talk to me.
Tell me how to donate, Skyler.
Well I believe in God and i'm against kidnapping too. Is there a statistic against
that i'm not aware of? *eyes the vatican*

I'll check these guys out. Do I have money I can give? I just might :cool:

Do they accept paypal?
I'll be reaching out to them today and see if we can't 'group' our donations towards one team even if we're separately donating. I'll ask the paypal question, Areyis!

If you scroll down on this page, you can see the Search and Rescue Teams. Read up the descriptions! Who do we wanna sponser?
I clarified with my coworker about just where the money goes, being a cynic (even if a niave one!) and here's the answer he had:

Coworker wrote:
<Skyler>, this is awesome. I'm glad that connected with you and that you're interested in helping.

Since I used to be so involved I can tell you exactly where that money will go. $35 is about what it costs to send one investigator into the field for one night. They blend in as tourists and often buy girls drinks so they can talk to them and get their stories. That's the best source of intelligence on the brothel and the entire industry. Often times a victim won't admit to being under age for fear of what will happen. We've found they have no problem talking about their friends however.

Most donors want to be involved in the raids that break victims free and I don't blame them. Without the undercover operations and fact finding however, those raids never happen.

$35 / month goes to the field to directly fund those missions. Funding those takes complete priority before anything gets paid in the states.

I'll be contacting TER. :3
The Exodus Road is pretty enthusiastic about us! I'm working out the logistics of the donation (probably using, which charges no fees for donation transactions), and Gretchen is being a boss and helping me with the wordingstuffs.
TFA officially is fundraising for The Exodus Road.
So, the uh, name and stuff can totally change. I just didn't think of anything clever.

Also, you can give me quotes to put on that first page, too.
In the interest of full disclosure- as the fundraiser organizerI do see your email but not your payment info, address, and I won't see your name if you check 'Anonymous donation'! You don't even have to say who you are!
Thats nice, I like to do these things anonymously.

If I even do them...
Given my specific skill set, between being a combat Infantryman and a Private Investigator, I’m actually going to see about volunteering myself for this project. I’m currently considering a way to market this to my employer and see about getting them involved… though that may not even play out. Never the less, I would like to contribute to this organization with something other than money (as it doesn’t exactly grow on trees and bills are the black hole of my bank account).
You should definitely contact them, Dew. They also have a US division. :d