The Hawkins' Orb

To: CAPT Varley (@Lauren)
From: LT Loxton
Subj: The Hawkins’ Orb


By now, I’m sure you are aware of the incident at Event Horizon with Mister Hawkins. He is being detained and the Orb was transported to a containment cell shortly after the incident occurred.

Approximately three hours later, I was roused by the officer on watch saying the Orb had disappeared from its containment cell and re-appeared in the cell that Mister Hawkins is being detained in.

Attached is the footage from the logs of both Hawkins’ cell and the containment cell. You will note that the transport of the orb occurs instantaneously, as if on command.

As there is no security chief, I would like to ask you if Lieutenant Commander Valore and myself can investigate and question Mister Hawkins further about this eventuality before his legal representation and followers demand his immediate release from custody.

LT Loxton
Security Department

//ATTACHMENT// Security Log Timestamp 03400