The Holodeck Fitness Initiative


In a joint effort with the Medical Department to broadly increase interest in physical fitness and expand the experiences of personnel fleet-wide, the morale division of counseling will be organizing a monthly fitness initiative. Holodeck-A will be booked out for full uptime to support a rotating physical activity for personnel to participate in, either individually or in teams.

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Previous Rotations

March Rotation (Feb 25 - Mar 12)


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Visit the crisp, cold slopes of Andoria! This holodeck program will take you to the setting of Andorian Alpines, a ski resort established in 2336 by some enterprising humans who wanted to bring the human skiing experience to exotic snows. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, Andorian Alpines has you covered, providing lessons and courses for skiiers and snowboarders alike that will take you across some of the most scenic mountainous landscapes that Andoria has to offer.

If you're well past needing lessons, then maybe test your snowfeet on the infamous Kritkraw run. This black diamond slope is full of challenging high-speed twists, turns, and jumps and experts love to see who can get the fastest times.

Participants without their own gear may check in at the equipment showroom to get outfitted.



As it turns out, there is a wonderful free to play game that can be utilized to stand in for skiing/snowboarding. It's early access, but pretty polished, in full 3D and fairly photorealistic scenery that is a complete delight to engage with. Best of all, it's multiplayer, so you can get together with other Argo players.

It's definitely not perfect, but it is highly recommended if you want to just get the fun out of snowsports without the cold and the falling.

April Rotation (Mar 25 to Apr 9)


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Hope you're not afraid of heights. This holodeck program will take you to the pockmarked cliff sides of Vulcan, where intrepid climbers have staked out the way to breathless peaks on the dusty red planet. Though it's not as scenic as some other locations, the terrain makes it perfect for beginners and advanced climbers alike. Most routes have been anchored for top roping, though several paths remain for those who are more interested in free solo.

Holographic instructor lessons available.