The Interview

Drake Tungsten: “That could mean so many things, Lieutenant.”

Neris: “I’ll elaborate further, should you be interested, sir.”

Drake Tungsten: “As she beams in, he straightens up a bit, and gives a friendly smile. "Lieutenant Rodak, welcome aboard.”

Rodak materializes, blinks a few times, and surveys the room. Noticing Drake she steps off the pad.

Neris: “Lietuenant.”

Rodak: "Captain Tungsten?”

Drake Tungsten: “That would be me.” he says with a bit of amusement.

Rodak: "Good day, sir. I /can’t/ tell you how excited I am to meet you!”

Rodak: “Hey Nay-reese!” Jeni chimes and waves excitedly.

Neris comments dryly. "We’re on duty, Lieutenant Rodak.”

Rodak immediately withdraws an extended hand to prompt a frantic handshake with Drake. “Of course. Lieutenant Nay-reese.” She corrects herself.

Drake Tungsten: “I can see that.” he stifles a chuckle. "Anyway, if you’ll follow us to the ready room, I’d love to talk to you about your interest in the helm officer position. Lieutenant Roris will be joining us.”

Rodak: "Yessir!”

Drake Tungsten: “-while Commander LaSalle keeps the ship from falling out of the sky." he jokes deadpan, but smiling.

Drake Tungsten shakes her hand.

Neris quirks eyebrow at Drake. "Indeed.”

Rodak beams widely and shakes his hand rapidly.

Drake Tungsten: After giving her hand a thorough shaking, he says “If you’ll follow us to the ready room, right this way.” with a friendly but professional smile.

Rodak nods, still smiling.

Neris: “After you, lieutenant.”

Drake Tungsten: **The artificially gray-haired Cmdr. LaSalle peeks over from the captain’s chair, grinning at the fresh meat.

Rodak pauses to walk to the railing, peer about the bridge then skips to catch back up with the captain.

Drake Tungsten sits down "Please, take a seat, both of you.”

Neris slides in offered chair. "Thank you, sir.”

Drake Tungsten: "So, tell me a little about yourself, if you don’t mind, Lieutenant Rodak?”

Rodak takes her seat and adjusts her uniform. Her face immediately drops shockingly and she jumps back up to her feet.

Rodak begins frantically patting down her uniform eventually finding what she was looking for and produces two pips from her pocket.

Rodak: “Oh…I um…” She attaches a pip on her collar in so doing drops the other one on the floor. She immediately drops to her hands and knees.

Rodak: “I’m really excited to…ah there you are you little devil…have the opportunity to see if I’d be a good addition to your crew.” She continues speaking from beneath Drake’s desk.
Rodak pops back up fastening on the other pip and taking her seat.

Neris looks at Drake with her immovable facial features. "As I said, exceptional in her area of expertise, sir.”

Drake Tungsten: “Um, thank you for observing proper Starfleet uniform code.” he says grinning "And I’m sure you are. I’m just a little curious to know a bit about your background, and your record. In your own words. -Doesn’t have to be long.”

Drake Tungsten is, at this moment, feeling grateful for Neris’ reassurances here.

Rodak: “Yes!” Jeni nods continuing to smile. “I was Nova co-captain all four full years at the academy. My flight instructors described me as their little savant, which they said was an alien word for ‘a good pilot’. I then served on the Velites at the helm for several months before being transferred to my present assignment at Utopia Planitia, which I understand is /another/ alien word for ‘a place that has really good pilots’.” Jeni smiles proudly. “-Probably not the same aliens though.” She turns to Neris, "they don’t sound at all alike.”

Drake Tungsten can’t help but grin again at her explanation of ‘savant’, as it’s at least close enough to the matter at hand.

Neris glances at Jani’s collar, noting the pips being attached in reverse order.

Rodak smiles back at Neris perceiving her glance as a being impressed in her knowledge of alien words.

Neris: “Most individuals don’t sound alike regardless of specie, Lieutenant Rodak.”

Drake Tungsten replies to Jeni "Actually, they are the same aliens, though two different languages. But that’s not important. In any case, you seem to have received good reviews from the captain of the Velites on your piloting skills, though the file is unusually light on other details. Tell me though, what interests you about this ship in particular?”

Neris tilts her head at Jeni, observing the Trill with clinical interest.

Rodak: "You mean besides the name, right?

Drake Tungsten: "Um… yes, besides the name.”

Rodak: "Ah! Well, what’s not to like? A Yoyodyne 47B,” Rodak holds up her fingers, "-two Keenser/Pegg heavies supported by two inline Fluxes! Not to mention the Ithra IT-7 coil.Two Deltas, thirtysix six Peregrines, and a vette.”

Rodak smiles eagerly and bobs in her seat. "I could never get bored on this ship. Oh people say /you’re/ real nice, too!”

Neris looks at Drake. "Very exceptional in her field of expertise, sir.”

Drake Tungsten: “So I see.” he nods to Neris. "You did your homework Lieutenant, and I appreciate that.”

Drake Tungsten: "Still, it’s not necessary, but nonetheless beneficial for a pilot to know all about the ship they’re hoping to be flying.”

Rodak: “Bah!” She waves a hand. "Everyone was talking about it on Utopia.”

Rodak starts laughing, "You know one time, they tried hooking up to a single pilot craft…”

Drake Tungsten: “I hope that ended better than I’m imagining.” he replies.”

Rodak abandons her story and returns to nodding and smiling. “They said I have more lives than a cat. Which apparently they live a /really/ long time.”

Rodak turns to Neris, "Do cats live longer than Vulcans Nay-…Lieutenant Nay-reese?”

Drake Tungsten: “They definitely do not.” he chuckles "But they have a habit of avoiding an untimely end.”

Neris keeps a stoic look. "No, Lieutenant Rodak. We outlive them for over a century. Earth domestic cat, Felis Catus, are said to have nine lives in human folklore due to their agility.”

Rodak:“Ohhhhh!” Jeni utters in advance of understanding. "I’m agile?”

Neris: “That remains to be seen, lieutenant Rodak. I can atest that you do hunt 3D chess piecess extremely well.”

Rodak: "Aw! Thanks!”

Drake Tungsten: “Anyway, speaking of, do you have any questions for her, Lieutenant Neris?”

Neris: “Indeed, sir.”

Neris looks at Jeni. "Aside from piloting skills and helm proficiencies, what were your academy scores in diplomacy and planetary sciences?”

Rodak makes a thumbs up gesture. "All ‘Go-Flight’! They said if I didn’t learn that stuff I couldn’t graduate.”

Neris: “Quite. So that would be basic proficiency?”

Rodak: “Well,…I mean…it all seemed pretty basic to me.” Leans forward, "I’m sure some people really like that stuff…like you, Lieutenant Nay-reese! You like science stuff, right? Me, ahdunno. I kinda found it boring.”

Neris looks Jeni in the eye with her own pale eyes, twinkle of amusement can almost be detected. "Yes, Lieutenant Rodak, like most science officers I like ‘science stuff’.”

Rodak: “The botany classes were fun!” Jeni pipes up. "I was the only cadet that semester who never had a project die on them!”

Drake Tungsten: "That’s… encouraging.”

Rodak: "Are there a lot of plants onboard?”

Rodak: “Cause if so,” Jeni points two thumbs at her chin, "-I’m your gal!”

Drake Tungsten: "We do have an arboretum aboard, though most of the plants are still quite young, this being a new ship and all.”

Neris looks at Drake. "Lieutenant Rodak hails from the agricultural part of the Trill home world, sir.”

Rodak: “That’s right!” Jeni pips proudly. "Eight generation family farm!”

Drake Tungsten nods approvingly "That might have been useful a few weeks ago on an away mission to one of our colonies.”

Rodak: “Oh? How many generations was their farm?” Jeni asks a-marvel.

Drake Tungsten: “Less than one, honestly, it was a new colony. Few greenhouses and fields. And some locals apparently enamored with carrots.” he turns to Neris "Of course, but you never know when seemingly niche expertise will come in handy.”

Neris looks at Drake. "Maybe not overtax lieutenant Rodak with multiple duties right away, sir.” She emphasizes.

Drake Tungsten: “So, the Velites. She’s a, which, class?”

Rodak: “She was a Nova.” Jeni’s jaw drops. "No way! I never realized that. My academy squad was called Nova too!”

Rodak: "Could you imagine, captain, if /your/ ship was called the USS Nova! Ha!”

Rodak clears her throat and recomposes. “But Dragon’s good too.” She says empathetically.

Neris quirks eyebrow at Drake. "The focus on one area might be better in this instance, sir.”

Drake Tungsten: "Far more nimble than this ship, though we’re /much/ faster in a straight line, even without the slipstream drive.”

Rodak: "Oh yes sir. I’ve flown a Lexington many times in simulation. I can get this young gal to turnover for you!”

Drake Tungsten: “Well, I may have one more item for this interview to see about that, if you have nothing else, Lieutenant?” he looks to Neris.

Rodak: "My COsays that my countering maneuvers in battle simulations is better than many of the present automated starship programs.”

Neris looks at Drake. "I have just one request in regard to lieutenant Rodak, sir.”

Drake Tungsten: "Yes?”

Neris: “That she avoids my 3D chess set, sir. I’ll explain later if you so desire.”

Rodak: "Aw, jee-whiz, Nay-reese! I’m not as good as I might have sounded when we met.”

Rodak: “But you just may be my first victory. So don’t get too comfortable!” Jeni chuckles.

Rodak: “Oh I’m just kidding of course…I’m mean…not about the winning thing… I mean…you can get comfortable. -in fact I’d prefer it.” Jeni smiles encouragingly at Neris.

Drake Tungsten: “Please do, though it can wait. And granted.” he smiles.

Neris glances at Jeni and then at Drake. "Also, I have a suggestion, sir.”

Drake Tungsten: “We have other chess sets in the mess hall, anyway.” he looks to Neris again "Please.”

Neris: “With your permission, I’d like to volunteer to aid lieutenant Rodak in her seamless integration with the crew.”

Neris looks at Drake pointedly.

Rodak: “Awwww!” Jeni gets all doey-eyed. "Thanks Nay-…Lieutenant!”

Drake Tungsten: "I see no reason to deny that. Permission granted.”

Neris nods. "Thank you, sir.”

Rodak:“I’ll have to get you a little something to show thanks.” Jeni smiles. "But not a cat, right? I don’t want to give you something that will die before you.”

Neris glances at Jeni. "I actually have one, much more practical than Sehlat.”

Drake Tungsten grins " Though before that, as I said, I have one more item for her. I think you’ll like this one. I want to see what you can do. So, if you’ll both join me on the bridge and take your stations, we’re going on a little joyride.”

Neris: “Certainly, sir.”

Rodak hops up and pumps her fist. "Yes!”

Drake Tungsten chuckles at her enthusiasm.

Rodak: “I mean…” She recomposes, "Yes, sir. Of course, sir.”

Drake Tungsten: “Dismissed.” he maintains his smile.

Rodak nods at LaSalle as she marches on to the bridge, "Commander. I’m you’re new gal!”

Drake Tungsten says to his XO, who is totally sitting in the captains chair, "Well, time for the fun part.”

Rodak taps the shoulder of the crewman occupying the helm to relieve him and takes her seat.

Drake Tungsten: **LaSalle responds, as she gets up and moves to the station on the left “I was hoping you’d say that, but you know I look better in this chair, sir.” she grins playfully, as he sits down.

Neris taps her consoles. "Main science station ready, sir.”

Drake Tungsten says aloud “Inform the station we’ll be departing for maneuvers.” an ops officer nods, and beep-boops, saying "USS Dragon to DS13, requesting flight path to depart.”

Rodak keys into the helm and begins toggling fluidly through MFDs.

Drake Tungsten: The ops officer then says “We are cleared for launch, sir!” Drake says to LaSalle “Alright Evie, take us out.” She nods, and says to Rodak "Helm, set course two-eight-zero mark six, and break station-keeping orbit, half thrusters.”

Rodak: "Answering two-eight-zero mark six. Aftward thrusters at one half.”

Drake Tungsten hits a button on his armrest, that puts him on the PA: “This is the Captain, all hands, prepare for station departure, and flight maneuvers.” he cuts the comm.

Rodak giggles eagerly.

Neris rotates her chair towards the viewing screen.

Drake Tungsten: As the ship gently glides away from the station and turns, he smiles “Let’s put some distance in first.” LaSalle nods, and orders "Helm, ahead full impulse on the Captain’s mark.”

Rodak: "Aye, ma’am. Standing by for full impulse.”

Drake Tungsten: “Mark.” he says with a finger-gun motion.

Rodak engages the impulse engines at full. "Anwering full bell, captain.”

Neris quirks eyebrow at the bell comment.

Drake Tungsten: **Ship goes whoosh and they wait a few minutes to put a good amount of distance between themselves and the busy station and its traffic. "The hum is different than a Nova, I’d wager, Lieutenant.”

Rodak smiles pleasantly. “Mhm. You can feel how the different weights move through even empty space.” Jeni continues to flip and toggle through the various screens.

Neris observes Jeni’s motions with clinical interest from across the bridge.

Drake Tungsten: "Alright, Lieutenant, execute evasive pattern delta-four.”

Neris straps on her belt.

Drake Tungsten turns his head and says to Neris "Let us know if it starts getting crowded out here.”

Neris nods as she swivels her chair towards her station and quickly presses a sequence. "All clear, sir. Except for usual micro-debries.”

Drake Tungsten: “Thank you, Lieutenant.” he answers Neris.

Rodak: “Answering Delta-four.” The Dragon’s bow dips 45 degrees as she lists to her portside. The vessel dives to the new heading 325*45 for excatly 3.7 seconds.

Rodak: “Psssshhhh! Pow! Kaplow!” is whispered from the front of the bridge.”

Rodak: The vessel steadies out of the dive and balances level (325-0). Forward starboard and aft port thrusters fire fully as the impulse engines cut off.

Rodak: “Manually compensating inertial dampeners.” Jeni announces. “Computer, begin program…mmm….’Nay-reese Cascade’ in five, four, three…”

Drake Tungsten looks to LaSalle both puzzled and amused, which she largely mirrors.

Rodak: The vessel begins spinning counter-clockwise at an improving rate. There’s no real sense of inertia from the spinning except more of a woozy-visual sense to the crewmembers.

Rodak: “Psssshh! Kek-kek-kek-kek! Boom!” is whispered.

Drake Tungsten watches the stars streak sideways on the viewer, as he is mercifully unable to hear her whispers.

Neris raises her pointy eyebrows at Jeni.

Rodak: "Sir, permission to transition into an Alpha-seven?”

Drake Tungsten: "Permission granted, execute at your leisure.”

Rodak alternates thrusters to forward port, aft starboard halting the rotation in a retrograde position with the Dragon flying perfectly backwards propelled by its initial-inertial impulse speed. Jeni switches back to automatic dampeners, yokes back hard (forward lower/aft upper thrusters) popping with bow upwards returning it to an inverted prograde position and firing full impulse engines.

Rodak: “Whhhooooooosh!” is whispered under her breath as the Dragon careens forward.

Rodak: “We lost em, sir.” Jeni announces.

Drake Tungsten gets an approving nod from his XO, then says "Science, what’s the nearest asteroid field we can fit through? Challenging, but not /too/ challenging. I don’t want to have to get the ship repainted.”

Drake Tungsten grins at Jeni.

Rodak returns an open-mouthed, utterly gleeful smile.

Neris taps her console a few times. "Approximately 0.7 lightyears away, coordinates 305-286-122, sir.

Drake Tungsten nods to LaSalle, who says "Helm, set course, warp 4, and execute when ready.”

Rodak: "Aye, sir. Course locked in. Answering warp four…now.”

Drake Tungsten:*The ship jumps to warp, and makes it to the edge in no time at all.

Rodak: "Answering full stop, captain. Awaiting your orders.”

Drake Tungsten: "Alright helm, take us in, one quarter impulse.”

Rodak:"One quarter impulse.”

Rodak: "That’s a big one! Adjusting heading, 007 mark 013.”

Drake Tungsten:Big rocks start getting bigger in the view screen. “Tactical, raise shields just in case we get any strays coming at us.” The tactical officer answers "Aye, sir, shields up.”

Drake Tungsten nods approvingly at her correct use of initiative. “Alright Lieutenant Rodak, impress me.” he smiles.

Neris monitors her station. "Three irregular asteroids on irregular pattern ahead, sir. Position: 232-017-143.”

Drake Tungsten: “Thank you.” he answers Neris.

Rodak: The Dragon dips beneath a large asteroid. "Returning to previous course, 353 mark 347.”

Rodak: “Ooh! They’re moving too!” Jeni snickers. “Increasing to one half impulse.”

Drake Tungsten grips his armrest a little tighter, and is grateful to have shields raised, but lets her continue.

Neris keeps her eyes on her displays. "Yes, lieutenant Rodak, none of them are immobile.”

Rodak: The Dragon begins bulleting to the three asteroids. “Captain,…” Jeni begins manually adjusting the craft to slalom through the asteroids. "I was thinking about something…”

Drake Tungsten: “Yes?..” he asks, as he watches the viewscreen.

Rodak: “That other maneuver back there…I think I have a good name for it…” The viewscreen rolls 360 degrees as the Dragon slips between the first and second asteroid.

Rodak keys in a timed macro control then pivots around in her chair to face Drake. "I was thinking about…”

Rodak: The Dragon begins executing an programmed string of commands rolling underneath the second asteroid and then circling it vertically in a full inverted pushover orbit.

Drake Tungsten looks between her and the screen, noting she keyed something in already, and silently praying this doesn’t come to ruin.

Rodak: " 'Pizza that fell out of a window, but then spun around like this…" She starts spinning her finger in the air to illustrate the motion.

Rodak: On completing the full orbit the Dragon faces down the third and final asteroid.

Rodak: " - but then gets flipped over…" Jeni swings her hand over, "-and gets shot out into space!”

Rodak frowns. “No. That’d be too hard to order quickly. I’ll think of something.” She then turns back around to the helm and resumes manual control.”

Rodak: The Dragon climbs steeply upward. A proximity alert goes off signifying the keel within 20 meters of the asteroid.

Drake Tungsten: “Indeed it would, Lieutenant.” he says, still a little on-edge, but definitely taking note of how she’s effortlessly handling the helm here.

Neris keeps her stoic composure while monitoring her station, tilting briefly as the ship rolls, her voice calm. "Lieutenant Rodak?”

Drake Tungsten is reaching slowly for the button to order all hands to brace for impact…

Rodak mutes the alarm after its tone alternates into a faster tempo signifying the keel being within 5 meters of contact. The Dragon immerges above the third asteroid as it collides into the second at the Dragon’s stern.

Rodak: "Booooozzzzhhhhh! Pow! Pang!

Rodak: The Dragon returns to its original heading.

Drake Tungsten: “Excellent work, Lieutenant, but less of the sound effects, please.” he says with a smile, and a gentle tone.

Neris observes her display panels. "We’re in the clear, sir.”

Neris quirks eyebrow at Jeni and inquires. "Pow? Pang?”

Rodak shrugs. "You guys don’t think they sound like that?”

Neris answers dryly. "No, I’m afraid I do not.”

Drake Tungsten: “Thank you, Neris.” he then turns ahead "Well, we can use our imaginations on that. In any case, that was masterfully done, Lieutenant. We do have supplies to load before our next mission back at DS13, though, so please set a course, and take us home.”

Rodak: "Aye sir. Course laid in. Warp four?”

Neris unbuckles her belt and adjusts the station to automatic monitoring, instructing the officer to her left in low voice before raising from her chair.

Drake Tungsten looks at his XO, and she meets his eyes, and nods, not about the speed. "Aye, Warp four.”

Rodak:"Answering warp 4…now.”

Drake Tungsten watches the stars streak in the viewer with a burst of light, as Neris walks over.

Neris nods respectfully to XO before whispering something in low voice into Drake’s ear.

Neris straightens her back and readjusts her tunic. "Sir.”

Drake Tungsten nods to Neris.

Drake Tungsten grins a bit at the whispered message, as he turns to his XO "Think we should have everything loaded by 22:00, but we still don’t need to depart until 09:00 tomorrow. Once we dock, let the crew know they can disembark, as per usual, if off-duty.”

Neris walks to Jeni’s station and bends towards her. "The piloting was exceptional, lieutenant Rodak. The sounds effects less so.”

Neris quirks eyebrow and clasps hands behind her back as she turns towards front viewscreen. "Indeed.”

Rodak smiles at Neris. “Hey Nay-reese! I think that interview went really well! Don’t you!” She holds up crossed-fingers with both hands.

Rodak: “Should I have gone full impulse in the asteroid field? I noticed the Dragon’s left port-side breast is a little heavier than her right.”

Rodak: “Hey!” Jeni’s eyes brighten excitedly. "That’s something the /three/ of us have in common!”

Rodak smiles and continues typing away on the console contentedly.

Neris glances at Drake over her shoulder before inquiring calmly. "Kindly elaborate.”

Drake Tungsten:*LaSalle fails to stifle a small snicker.

Rodak:"Oh, her forward portside has a 0.0047 percent higher density in her hull…right…here!” She conjures and points to a holographic model display of the ship.

Rodak: "In this section. I’ll request a Delta to take a survey team to get a detailed profile. It’ll be a snap to compensate for in the propulsion systems.”

Neris quirks eyebrow. "I fail to see how that relates to the three of us, Lieutenant Rodak. Aside from that, good initiative.”

Rodak: “Oh…um…” Jeni begins to raise her finger to point but then lowers it back down. “I wouldn’t want to say it out loud. -Wouldn’t /that/ be embarrassing!” Jeni blushes and snickers.

Neris responds dryly. "Worse than paw and ping? Well, do go on, since you came this far.”

Rodak blinks. "Really?”

Neris glances over her shoulder at Drake and XO. "With your permission, sirs?

Drake Tungsten: “Um, sure, Lieutenant.” he says, unsure what he’s granting permission for.

Neris tilts her head at Jeni. "Logically speaking I’m interested to hear your elaboration on the matter.”

Rodak shrugs. “Well okay…” Jeni licks her lips. "Ping! Pang! Pow! Poooooozchhhh!”

Drake Tungsten: **LaSalle leans over to her left, and whispers to Drake “Can we keep her?”, and pulls back with a wide grin, clearly entertained. Drake also smiles.

Rodak: "Rat-tat-tat-tat-tat! Duda-duda-duda!

Rodak pauses to catch her breath then continues with the onomatopoeia looking at the captain and first officer for approval.

Neris’ eyebrow remains tilted through the whole performance. "You have a way with words, Lieutenant Rodak.”

Rodak smiles. “Thank you!” she pants and catches her breath proudly returning her attention to the helm.

Neris shoots a knowing look to Drake.

Drake Tungsten nods in understanding to Neris.

Drake Tungsten:“Ops, make the call to DS13” The ops officer quietly says "USS Dragon to DS13 operations, we are on final approach, requesting docking pattern clearance.

Neris: “Permission to withdraw to my quarters, sir?”

Drake Tungsten:“Granted. Thank you, Lieutenant.” he says cheerfully.

Neris salutes Captain and XO before wheeling on her heel and exitign the bridge.

Drake Tungsten: "We’ll see you in the morning.”

Rodak: "Sir, we’ve arrived at Deep Space 13. Dropping out of warp.

Drake Tungsten: **Ops calls out "We are cleared for docking pattern.”

Drake Tungsten: LaSalle says, "Helm, bring us into docking pattern, half thrusters, and assume station-keeping when we arrive.”

Rodak: "Aye sir. Initiating docking procedure…half thrust…”

Rodak: “Activating mooring beams in three, two, one…first line ashore…”

Rodak: "and…bam. All lines made fast, 2050 hrs.”

Rodak: "We’re home, sir. Powering down propulsion systems. Emergency thrusters on standby.”

Drake Tungsten opens his mouth to have her power down engines, but she beats him to it, earning a smile “Excellent work. Join me in my ready-room again please, Lieutenant. Evie, you have the bridge.” he stands to meet her there, as LaSalle scoots into the big chair, and wiggles down into the seat to get comfortable.

Rodak swivels around and rises to follow nodding at her relief.

Rodak bounces her way into the ready-room.

Rodak: “Oh! Nice fish! I hadn’t noticed them before!” Jeni smiles.

Drake Tungsten: “I’ll keep this brief, Lieutenant. I asked you to impress me with your flying, and you did. I am also pleased with your knowledge and initiative used at the correct times at the helm.” he grins.

Rodak: “Why thank you, sir!” Jeni smiles proudly. "Captain Motsie on the Velites was sorry to see me reassigned to the shipyard.”

Rodak rocks back and forth on her heels. "Soooooooo…?”

Drake Tungsten: "I feel like there’s a story there I’ll ask you for at another time. In any case, welcome aboard the USS Dragon, I’m happy to accept you as part of this crew.”

Rodak begins cackling joyously. She falls over the back of the chair and kicks her legs in a pedaling motion. “Yes!” She continues laughing.

Rodak finally stands up and straightens her uniform. "You won’t regret it, captain! -and thank you so very much!”

Drake Tungstencan’t help but laugh a little. "We leave at 0900 tomorrow morning, but we can have you assigned to quarters fairly rapidly, and we’re already bringing aboard supplies for our mission, so getting your things will be no problem.”

Drake Tungsten adds "So you can spend your first night aboard tonight, if you like.”

Rodak: “Right.” Jeni nods eagerly. "Could I? Absolutely! I’d love to!”

Drake Tungsten: "Of course. I’ll have some crewmen handle it right away. In any case, I look forward to seeing more of what you can do.”

Rodak: “Thank you sir! And I’m sure you’re going to do a great job too!” Jeni smiles.

Rodak: "Will there be anything else for this evening, sir?”

Drake Tungsten chuckles "Thank you, Lieutenant. Just one quick question: What’s the proper pronunciation of your first name?”

Rodak: “My name? Oh!..Well, to be honest sir, I have some trouble with it too. You can just call me Jeni. You know, for short.”

Rodak: "Or you could call me Red. That’s what they called me at the academy.

Drake Tungsten grins. "Jeni, it is. I have a feeling there will be a lot of introductions with the crew, and I didn’t want to get it wrong. That is all for now though, I’ll let you gather your things while I take care of some other ship’s business. Dismissed, Lieutenant. And again, welcome aboard.”

Rodak: “Thank you, sir.” Jeni begins walking out then pauses and turns around. “See?! That already sounded /very/ captain-y.” She beams again and waves. "Goodnight!”