The Invasion Begins (MU)

To: 38th.All
From: ADM Perim

Subj: The Invasion Begins

Officers of the Empire,

The goal you have toiled towards for the past half year is finally at hand. Each of you is to be commended for working diligently on your individual objectives without an overarching explanation. Operational security necessitated this, as the risk of our enemies piecing together our plan was great. Today we have passed the point of no return, and I am honored to be able to present you with the details of our new mission.

The Imperial 38th Battlefleet has been chosen as part of a coordinated offensive to eliminate threats to our Emperor’s plans and ensure Terran supremacy over the galaxy and all universes. Our target has been hand-selected by the Emperor, and we will not fail him.

Those of you who were involved with the conquest of Kelterre and Doza some years ago will remember our righteous victory over the Itrin Empire, and their impressive mastery of wormhole technology. The Emperor has declared that this technology cannot be allowed to exist. Though the Itrin and their devices have been eradicated from our own universe, they remain active in the so-called “Prime” universe. Our objective is simple: The 38th Battlefleet will cross into the alternate universe and eliminate all trace of wormhole-based technology.

The fight ahead will be difficult. Each of you has seen your part, but together we are well-prepared:

  • Every ship in the fleet has been upgraded to the newest Imperial weapons and defensive technology, and dissenters have been purged from our ranks.

  • Select vessels have been equipped with Interphasic Rift Generators to facilitate the fleet’s crossing to the alternate universe.

  • Every vessel with a deflector dish has been equipped with a Telemammoth Pulse Generator. When fired at an active wormhole, this marvel of Terran engineering will cause a large detonation at the aperture, ensuring a decisive victory.

We are certain that the target technology exists in the alternate universe, and we have the coordinates of the Itrin homeworld, however intelligence as to the size of their empire is limited. We will not be deterred by uncertainty. Our initial strategic objectives are as follows:

  1. The 38th Battlefleet will travel to the Itrin System and make our incursion.
  2. We will eradicate any defenses and topple the government at its heart.
  3. We will establish a base of operations.
  4. We will sortie from our outpost to locate and eliminate all Itrin-controlled planets and bases.

We expect to encounter heavy resistance, no only from the Itrin, but from other local powers – including our Starfleet counterparts. But we will be victorious, no matter the odds. Our invasion is timed to coincide with similar campaigns throughout the galaxy. The Emperor himself will be leading one such operation. We must not fail, and we will not. Brief your subordinates and make your final preparations.

Long live the Emperor!

Admiral Neema Perim
Commanding, 38th Battlefleet