The Loxton Letters


It’s been a while since we spoke. I’ve been getting your messages and I want you to know I’m fine. I can’t tell you where I am right now and that’s why I’ve done my best to route this letter through as many relays as I can so you won’t be able to trace my origin with your fancy Starfleet ways!

I’m happy that you’re finally on a starbase rather than a ship. Means if I need to come see you, you’re at a fixed point! (Not that the Starway ever went where no one has gone before! ha!) But I want you to let mom and dad know I’m doing okay and I’ll send them what I owe them soon. I met this guy Jason who’s sorted me out with some jobs. Seems like things are looking up for your older sister, at last!

Anyway, figured it was time I responded to the twenty messages you’ve sent me in the past few months. Seriously, I know you’re a super serious Starfleet security officer who’s realizing our parents dreams but I’m older than you and considerably wiser so cut me some slack, okay? Im good! Better than good, in fact, so quit worrying!

Good luck on DS13, Nicky. You’ll have to show me round if I ever find myself round that way.




Thank goodness you responded. You had all of us worried! I had almost resigned myself to the fact that you wouldn’t respond to me after we last saw each other but I’m glad you’re over that now.

I have questions and the first is who is this Jason character? Since you mentioned him by name, I imagine he’s like your previous boyfriend Cadwallader and somewhat of a fixture in your life. Honestly, only you would find a guy called Cadwallader and date him! What happened to him anyway? Or is it best I don’t know?

That brings me to my next question; What are these ‘jobs’ that this guy Jason has ‘sorted you out with’? If it’s anything illegal, do not expect me to help you out when you inevitably get caught. You’ve caused mum and dad enough worry as it is so please, for all that is good and great, try and keep on the right side of the law and Federation space.

That being said, I’d like it if you did come to DS13. You’d hate it here but at least I could keep an eye on you!

Please reply soon.


P.S. Stop calling me ‘Nicky’



Jason is one of the best guys I’ve met. I’m so in love with him, blah, blah, blah! Is that what you wanted to hear? I think you scared Cadwallader off after that fight you had with him in the hotel lobby on Risa. While you and some of hotel security were wrestling that improvised weapon off him, I was taking his ship and heading to parts unknown. I didn’t thank you for that distraction, did I? He’s probably looking for me.

DS13 sounds boring. Is there even a bar? Or do you drink synthehol in your quarters with your Starfleet uniform on? Blech. Please tell me there’s a woman there that’s willing to have a go at removing the stick from your ass? I’ll pay her to make you more fun!


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To: Lieutenant Nicholas Loxton, Deep Space 13.
From: Captain Charles Edison, U.S.S. Starway


I received a message this morning from the Norpin colony that Captain Morand died last night. I’m sorry to have to let you know this way and not in person. He, as you know, was a good man and a great Captain. Peterson, Kelva and Niok all wish you were here for tonight’s wake we’re going to throw for him.

I hope all is going well for you on DS13. Varley’s getting a damn fine officer in you. Your replacement at tactical is working out well but she has some pretty big shoes to fill.

My best,

Charles Edison
U.S.S. Starway


To: Lieutenant Nicholas Terence Loxton, Deep Space 13
From: His Grandmother.

Nicky-woo! It’s me! Your grandmother! Now, I am writing to let you know that I’ve heard you’re going to be on Risa in a few days! Good! You can spend some time with me as I’ll be there on a trip with friends! Isn’t that wonderful? Lucy, she arranged it all! When I’m there, I’ll hopefully get to meet all your new friends! Lucy tells me you have a girlfriend too! I very much look forward to meeting her too!

See you on Risa, Nicky-woo!



Dear Lieutenant Loxton,

We have been trying to reach you regarding a paperback book you checked out of the Suraya Library on Stardate 87986.3 titled ‘Greatest Train Journeys In The Federation’ by William Kego.

Our records show you have since left Risa and returned to Deep Space 13 and the book is still logged as checked out.

We at the Suraya Library on Risa take books that have not been returned seriously. The Risian motto may be ‘All that is ours is yours’ but this does not extend to the books in our collection and as such, it is my duty to inform you we will be sending one of our Book Recovery Experts to take collection of the aforementioned title in the near future.

We are sorry it had to come to this, Lieutenant. I advise you co-operate fully with the BRE and this matter can be settled expediently. I am also hopeful when you next visit Risa, you will be more diligent about the return of our books.

Warmest regards,

Elona Bayzo
Chief Librarian
Suraya Library


To: Loxton, Nick
From: Norman Savage, Book Recovery Expert.

*Good day to you! My name’s Norman Savage and I am a Book Recovery Expert acting on behalf of Suraya Library on Risa.

I have been instructed by the Chief Librarian of that library to inform you that since you have failed to respond or comply with her request that you return the book, we must take this matter further. I have reviewed your public file and find you to be an officer in fine standing with the Starfleet so your failure to act in this matter is one of confuzzlement.*

I will be arriving on Deep Space 13 tomorrow afternoon at 1530 hours station time. I have an appointment in the Aldeberan system the day after so if we could rectify this matter expediently and without the involvement of your superiors, I would be grateful.

Norman Savage
Book Recovery Expert


To: LCDR Nicholas Loxton
From: The Office of the First Minister of Vishar
Subj: Tevalak T’Ren

Lieutenant Commander Loxton,

The First Minister has been informed that Tevalak T’Ren was arrested on board Deep Space 13 where he currently holds a business interest. The First Minister is also aware that you were the arresting officer.

Mister T’Ren held a number of interests on this colony in an exclusive agreement with the government that his arrest has now broken.

The First Minister would like you to relay the following message to Mister T’Ren;

"You are hereby notified that, if convicted in a Federation court of law, you will have nullified the agreement you made with the government of Vishar. As the agreement cites your arrest as a nullifying cause, I, First Minister Papakin Shov, have enacted clause 47. As a result, all your FTNs have been purged."

The First Minister extends his most profound thanks to you Lieutenant Commander for performing this service and has also asked me to extend a welcome to you to visit Vishar, which is the finest colony in the Republic.

Kelan Raliac
Private Secretary to the First Minister
Vishar Colony, Romulan Republic


To: LCDR Loxton
CC: The Entire Galaxy
From: Temalia Loyan

Hey there! This is Temalia Loyan. I used to work as personal assistant to that veruul Tevalak! Heard he’s in jail now?! I’ve cracked open a bottle of Pre-Hobus ale (It may not be, but I’m pretending it is!) that I was waiting to open when he’d died but this is the next best thing!

Please tell me there’s some sort of party planned on DS13 for when he finally gets sent down?! I want to come and I’ll pay for the whole thing!

Temalia Loyan

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To: LCDR Loxton, Nicholas
From: Lysander Maxley
Subj: RE: Stacey Ventura


As requested, I made contact with Stacey Ventura to verify her claims she made to you. She was not forthcoming and insisted on speaking only to you in person, urging me to make arrangements for a meeting between you both soon. Ventura was quite inebriated so our meeting was rather brief.

Will contact you if I have more news.

Lysander Maxley
Senior Partner,
Maxley, Quinn & Stuvix

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