The Once and Future Kings and Queens (Part 1 Aftermath) (Ships' Discussion)

As the Singapore, Attar, Brahe and the Bark all orbit the dying planet of Akarron, the ground team meets in the meeting room of the Brahe to discuss their findings of the planet. Aaron Tanaka goes first.

"So from what I've gathered this entire planet is basically eating itself alive to basically warp itself?"
"That doesn't seem so surprising," Zaliel commented from her seat at the conference table, a large cup of tea steaming in her hands. "Considering the amount of energy it takes to propel a star ship, imagine what it would take to push a planet--even a dwarf planet--into subspace. From my perspective," she continued, addressing the room with a graver tone, "The larger concern is not what powers it; rather, its motivation for traveling to Sol."
"Agreed. As much as it keeps telling us it's intentions are to save itself, it is keeping secrets. Alyx and I had the same experience in two separate locations. Once we breached the underground cities, sections of it were flooded with radioactive isotopes. My men barely had time to retrieve that."

He points to the cloth with the contact burn on it.
Alyx nods to Tanaka as she picks up a fresh coffee from the replicator and takes a seat. "So: Underground habitats flooded with radiation, a warp system powerful enough to move an entire planet across space rapidly, a planet's core drained of almost all its native heat - which I would point out once more is flat-out impossible - an AI with apparent knowledge of Earth and a burning desire to return, and a planetary power-grid that is so unstable that it's cascade threatens to destroy everything down there. Am I missing anything?"
Tanaka shakes his head.

"No that about sums it. You raise a good point as well. Draining heat from the core at such a rate is near impossible."

Tanaka distributes PADDs to his fellow officers.

"One last thing. Geological surveys done by the Attar show that the surface used to be farming zones. The deeper you go the more advanced the systems. Cooling, food, transport. The Karro on the surface had the bare minimum of those. Which probably means...they died first."

The PADD also shows the timeline. The planet was already in trouble before the Karro considered their first warp.

"It took a month for the planet wide atmosphere generators to malfunction. And a further week to freeze over."
Timoreev steps into the meeting room, a padd in his hand, and a very serious, though cordial, expression on his face: "Sorry for my delay and the interruption. I was receiving the last analysis report. Did I miss something?" he says, while moving toward a free chair.
"Just a few concerns with the planet. I take it the Attar finished the scans on the surface? Did it find any other opening on the ground that hasn't been flooded with radiation?"

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Timoreev sits down, laying the padd gently on the table while slightly shaking his head: "It's hard to tell. We identified two prospective openings, but according to my Chief Science Officer they leaked out enough radiations to make them totally unfeasible for an away team to explore, so we are working toward adapting our sensors to scan them more thoroughly. Actually, there is the possibility that they are not openings at all, not as the one we found, by the way. However, we had an idea: I asked to analyze the geomorphology of the place we visited, and to collect data on all other places on the planet that share it. There is a possibility, though a remote one, that perhaps the Karro made their 'official' openings in places similar for geological composition." he pauses for a moment, thoughtfully "Of course, this whole situation deeply bothers me. There is something wrong. You should have seen, down there...they even showed up a sword in a rock!"
Indeed the data that Andrej shares by distribution to PADD shows that while the radiation is one issue, the geomorphology is a bigger concern. Every opening has one atmo-tower as its interconnecting structure, meaning that as each tower falls apart, the more the cities underground do too. The data for the Sword in the Stone shows up too.

"So, not only is this planet mimicking our language, asking to warp to Sol but it's also dredging up history? Is there any evidence that these Karro were in anyway related to Earth?"
"The legend of Excalibur?" Alyx frowned, and took a sip of her coffee. "It does suggest that the Kerro assumed humans would show up - and no-one else. Which has its own scary implications, such as what would happen if a non-human tried to enter that tower." She paused. "I always thought the legend involved a lady in the centre of a lake, not a stone."
He turns to Derenzis, nodding: "Well, there have been both, I think. Unfortunately, I'm not very expert in Earth ancient mythology...but of course, in either case, it is troubling. I cannot imagine how it would have been possible for the Karro world to simply stay around Earth in the past without seriously undermining the gravimetrical balance inside the system...or at least, without leaving us a trace. And what about the traces of violent execution against the Karro themselves?"
"Is it possible," Zaliel addressed the group, "That there is a technology here which either took the Legend of King Arthur from someone's memory--or perhaps the ship's computers? We have several vessels in orbit; there could be a systems vulnerability that has yet been detected." She shuffles through the PADDs. "Have there been any signal emissions detected? I think a diagnostic of our ship's computers and communications arrays is in order."
"If I'm not wrong, the Legend of King Arthur has both those swords. Arthur was chosen as King of Briton because he drew the sword in the stone, but was later given Excalibur by the Lady of the Lake. But, no. I had a suspicion we were being played for fools so I did a scan of all activity coming from the surface and if ships systems were being affected in any way. None whatsoever. So either some human has told them the tale of King Arthur before...or the Karro were there when it happened."
"Any chance they may posssess vessel we are unaware of? Perhaps hidden inside the planet's infrastructure? They could have used them perhaps to visit Earth..."
Alyx thinks for a moment. "Possibly. It would have to be small... there's a reason why ships launched from a planetary surface rarely get above a certain mass..." She nods. "In fact, that makes more sense. A scouting mission, say, which perhaps landed in the British Isles some 1500 years ago and learned the story from the locals. Which begs the question how or why the Karro AI fixated on it, but at least it explains how it got that knowledge without disrupting Earth's ecology on a scale not seen since the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event."
Nods to Derenzis: "Precisely. Either this, or we should assume that this planet is able, somehow, to be present in a specific location without altering its gravimetrical parameters. Which, to me, sounds absurd. Our data until now cannot prove such an hypothesis." he pauses for a moment, looking briefly at the padd before him as to recollect his thoughts: "Either case, we need to ascertain what happened on that world, why it happened, and how we can deal with this AI."
"Should we do anything?" she asked. "This planet belongs to a species which is apparently extinct--so no one called for our help. The world doesn't seem capable of moving towards Earth or any other habitable world at this time, so it is not an apparent risk to anyone. I propose that, if we do anything, we study this world as safely as we can and," she inhales and exhales deeply before adding, "That we not interfere in the natural progression of this world, whatever that may be."

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"Agreed. Which brings me to the small little problem of these things."

Tanaka places a gel pack that the ground team ripped out of the panels.

"So. Science came back with the results. You all ready for this?"

Tanaka takes a deep breath.

"That 'gel'? That's organic matter. Brain matter. The gel packs that are in those panels were once alive people. I mean humanoids. Y'know. Alive Karro. Turned to nothing but brain matter and electrical signals."
Alyx starts to lean in to get a better view of the gel-pack, until Tanaka told her what it contains. Now she sits back, as if to get far away from it. "O-kay... Any way to know the specific origin of that brain matter? Was it cloned... or harvested?"
"As far as we can tell, no cloning. No degradation of DNA sequencing. No markers off. It's actual harvested brain matter from the Karro. As for how......I rather not imagine."