The Relic Wars

“Archaeology is a dangerous business. It is rife with trickery, bribery, foul play, and eighteen tons of explosives. Be on the look out for everything, and be ready to use anything. There is nothing more dangerous in this galaxy than a rival with the same goals as you.” -Doctor Loric Qotar to a graduate student, 2417.

Shift Time: Beta

Audience: OPEN

Event Type: Structured

Starting Point: Let’s use the starbase conference room.

An archaeology-based event inspired by Sam linking me wikipedia articles of crazy people doing crazy things. This is intended as a one-off event.


“Bones shall be shaken! Pottery shall be broken! A trowel day! A harris matrix day! 'Ere our funding rises! Dig now, dig now! Forth, archaeologists!”


This is today.

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