The Xedi Government in Exile

Two Xedi elders sat opposite each other in a large boardroom table in one of Deep Space Thirteen’s conference rooms. Despite the many chairs available, they were the only ones in the room.

“Right, I suppose we should get started.” Educator Fairfax spoke, holding up a gavel.

“I beg your pardon?” Educator Doran demanded from across the table. "Who are you to call us to order?

“Who- I am the presiding Educator, you damnable fool! I have stood at the head of this prestigious assembly for almost a decade!”

“Yes…” Doran replied, less than impressed. “It was your government that presided over our peoples’ darkest hour and its greatest failure. A change seems more than useful now.”

Fairfax shook his head, tightly gripping the gavel. “Request denied. Now, I call this prestigious assembly to orde-”

Doran interjected. “I demand a roll call to determine quorum.”

Fairfax stammered at this. “Roll call? Most of the council is still on the planet! Probably dead! There is no bloody roll call!”

Doran offered only a smile in return. “Council rules require a roll call for quorum unless bypassed with unanimous consent.”

“U-una- fine. Enjoy your little victory. What do you want?” Fairfax demanded.

Doran said nothing, outstretching his hand for the gavel.

“You’re absolutely mad.” Fairfax quipped.

“Your government failed the Xedi people, Fairfax. It’s my turn.”

With great hesitation, placed the gavel into Doran’s hand.

“Right!” Doran replied, holding it up. “I now call this sessio-”

“I demand roll call to determine quorum.” Fairfax countered, narrowing his eyes.

The gavel slid to the center of the table.

Meanwhile, at Vanilla or Bust.

“You think they’ll miss us?” One of the bodyguards asked Fairfax’s secretary, taking a bite of her ice cream in the process.

The latter shook his head. “Nah. It’ll be at least a few more centuries before they agree on anything.”