THEORY: Transwarp Beaming

Transwarp Beaming

Originally postulated by Starfleet officer Montgomery Scott, Transwarp Beaming is an almost entirely theoretical process in which one is able to beam onto a ship at warp. This is a difficult, dangerous process. To quote Montgomery Scott, "The notion of transwarp beaming is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse." This is, of course, an extreme simplification, but it is a more than adequate metaphor.

It is achieved by using a transporter pad's subspace compensator to 're-energize' a ship's warp trail, creating a brief, tumultuous tunnel of extremely compressed subspace in which one can attempt to beam something or someone onto a ship traveling at Warp. This is limited to ships travelling at speeds below warp seven; any faster and it becomes too dangerous.

There are a number of things that can go wrong with such an attempt, mostly pertaining to the difficulties encountered beaming within a warp bubble. This makes up the 'blindfolded' portion of the metaphor. Within a warp bubble, any attempt at transporting to a specific location is limited to a vague, 'best guess' scenario. Within a starship, this can be fatally insufficient. A subject could accidentally be transported into a wall or bulkhead, or worse, outside of a ship but within its' warp bubble. Such a subject would then quickly fall 'out' of the ship's warp bubble, and be torn apart at a molecular level by the intense gravitational forces.

Moreover, advances in warp technology have effectively made this impossible, at least onboard federation ships. For one, Federation warp drives are shielded against transwarp beaming attempts; they essentially 'harden' themselves during an entry attempt. Additionally, Federation transporter pads have safeguards built in to prevent such attempts (affectionately called 'moron-shielding' by some engineers) because of the risk involved. Even prior to these advances, attempts at transwarp beaming were extremely rare, because of the risk involved.

// Note: This is mostly just an attempt to make JJTrek's Transwarp Beaming make any sense, any sense at all. It has no bearing on any RP. Unless, of course, you want to integrate it into your RP. But this is mostly my brain going: This DON'T MAKE SENSE, FIX ITTT.
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(( Making trans-warp beaming have any sense is much more of a headache adding in ST:ID, the 'same' theory was used to create the portable device that Khan used to get Qo'noS from Earth. Now in ENT that would take around 4 days at warp 4.5. IRL Omega leonis is 112 LY away. Also in ST:ID the Enterprise and Plotship 1 can get from just the edge of klingon space (but clearly close enough to Qo'noS) and to Earth in much less than an hour. Damn it JJ.))
The size of the galaxy in the JJ universe in ratio to the size of the galaxy in Roddenberry's universe is inversely proportional to the size of the budget for making ST:ID in ratio to the size of the budget for one episode of ST:TOS.

Because science.
My 'theory' to explain Khan's shenanigans is that he already had a (probably an empty, tiny ship, like a shuttle) ship en route to Kronos when he began his attack, so that he could boop his way over to Kronos. The Novelization says that he used the beaming device to beam to a ship in orbit of Luna. In my theory, he used the ship he beamed to around Luna to transwarp-beam to his shuttle en route to Kronos and then beamed from the shuttle to Kronos. Beaming!

Also: I'm not excusing JJTrek's issues, but they're certainly not the only people guilty of compressing the travel time. STO did it with Earth-To-Qo'Nos in Surface tension. Based off its position, it should take like, two weeks. According to Enterprise, it takes four days at Warp Six.