Therapy Session

It didn’t take Ven long after she got settled in her quarters to find the Holodeck. Having lived on the Endeavour the last few months, the Romulan had grown accustomed to either asking someone or asking the computer where the location of certain decks and amenities were. Now, installing Nicks workout program, her finger hovers over the safety for a moment with a slight hesitation before ensuring they were on. Activating the program she steps into an old human gym with an octagon-shaped ring with a cage around it, pulls off her new Pegasus crew shirt, and begins to wrap her hands…

10 years ago:



Again and again, Ven lifted the boy by his collar, tears streaming down her face as blood from her fist mixes with blood from the boy’s nose.

“Don’t you ever call me that again!”

“Ven, he said sorry…” a boy behind her says as she continues to pummel away

“Yea, and I think he’s hurt.” Another adds looking uncomfortable at the bigger girl as she continues her rampage.

Present Day:

Ven adjusts her sports bra as the door closes behind her and she begins shaking her arms and jumping around with a roll of her neck. It felt like she was back in the academy, taking unarmed courses all over again. Lifting her left arm over her chest she begins doing stretches as her opponent enters opposite her. Staring daggers at the man, the soft warm genuine smile she normal had eroded away like a hillside in a heavy rainstorm, and all that remained was a scowl and a glare.

7 Years ago:

“What’s this you withdrew your application to Starfleet?” a uniformed Commander asks as he approaches the Romulan.

Dressed in Jeans, a black shirt and Black leather Jacket Ven scoffs and shrugs. “Changed my mind.” She replies defensively in a short tone.

The Man huffs and shakes his head. “Miss Sovum, you have to do something, running around this colony and starting fights with anybody you don’t like isn’t going to get you anywhere but thrown in a jailcell.”

Ven merely shrugs again and looks away from the man. “So what.”

Present Day:

The two opponents touch gloves as instructed by the referee and begin circling each other sizing each other up. Ven was shorter and less built than her opponent, but that had never stopped her before. Throwing out a straight left the man easily dodges it, lowers his arms, and circles once more smirking as he begins to close the gap. Springing into action the man tried to grab her by the knees only to be met with a knee to the face which sent him reeling, and sent the Romulans heart rate through the roof. Safeties on or not, this was still a fight…

6 years ago:

“What in the name of the elements did you think was going to happen Sorra!?” Ven’s father yells at the top of his lungs as she holds a rag to her left eye with blood oozing from her nose.

“He starte-” Ven starts but didn’t get another word in as her older cousin lunges forward and throws his hand around her neck glaring daggers at her.

“You just jumped someone because he looked at you.” he growls in anger. The whole room gets silent as he squeezes.

“You need to get your life in order, staying here isn’t working anymore, I don’t care if its the Republic or Starfleet, but if you don’t leave if someone here doesn’t kill you. Your drinking will.”

Ven gasps for air as tears roll down her face. Letting go Salil shakes his head in disappointment and starts walking away. “No cousin of mine if all you do is drink human liquor, and fight anybody who doesn’t like you.”

Present Day:

Ven didn’t let up as the man stumbled back, instead, it was her turn to go on the offensive, though that didn’t last long as blows began being exchanged from both sides, Ven with a right hoot to the mans midsection while an elbow from her opponent gives the Romulan a nice gash over her right eye.

Yelping, she Isolates the arm and throws her hip to the left while pulling her shoulder down, throwing the man to the mat as a hail of blows connects with his face…

5 years ago:

“San Fransisco welcomes all arriving Starfleet Cadets and invites you to Terminal A for a quick recept…”

Ven didn’t hear the rest of it, as she pulls her orders and instructions from her pack looking around for the rest of her group while her heart beat out of her chest. To say she was nervous was a massive understatement as she strolls through the door to the spaceport and spots the famous red bridge her friends had told her about on Anides. Nodding the Romulan felt a sense of pride even as other humans strolled past and eyed her for a moment before going about their business.

Present Day:

Finally seeing her opponent’s eyes roll in the back of his head, the ref lunges at Ven and throws her off him calling the fight with an exaggerated wave of his arms. Ven removes the protective teeth armor she was given and holds it up in a celebratory manner as her chest rises and falls. This was a workout.

As holographic medics rush to both fighters to see to their wounds Ven just sits there focusing less on Risa and more on the road ahead of her. She was gonna have a headache in the morning, but that had been better than soccer, and from what the XO was telling her, she was going to need to hone those skills on this ship…