They Doth Protest Too Much.

0900 hours
Docking Bay 5
Arrival of Passenger Shuttle from Aldeberaan

There’s a long line of people waiting to go through security. Two Romulan twin sisters, Kila and Jena stand awkwardly with their bags as the line moves slowly.

“I thought this would be quicker!” Jena complained, looking down the line.

“Didn’t you hear the announcement?” Kila replied, picking her nails. “Some civilian ship just exploded near the station or something so security has been beefed up.”

Jena rolled her eyes. “And we picked right now to travel here? To do this for Tev?”

Kila looked at her. “He’s our only uncle. We owe the guy, okay? If it wasn’t for him, we’d still be…”

Jena finished the thought. “…rotting in that prison on Mol’Rihan, yeah, yeah!”

The line moved quickly and before long, Jena and Kila were at the front.

“All PADDs and packages into the tray for scanning, then step through the screener.” The human security officer ordered.

“Is that him?” Jena whispered to Kila as she did as security asked.

“I dunno, all humans look the same to me!” Kila shrugged.

Jena gasped, turning a shade of green. “Kila! That’s very rude!” She looked to the security officer, smiling. “Sorry about my sister, she doesn’t mean that. We have human friends and we can tell the difference between them. Um. You. Um…”

Kila perked a brow at her sister. “Since when do we have human friends? We never hang out with humans.”

Jena laughed to cover up her sister’s talk. “Ha! Kila! We’re always hanging out with them! Don’t you remember that boyfriend of yours, Jora? He was human!”

Kila squinted. “He was Betazoid, Jena!”

Jena got that classic thinking look on as Kila went through the screener.

“Miss, if you’ll go through the screener now.” The security guard prompted.

Jena blinked, then headed through.

“Are you sure he wasn’t just lying to you about being Betazoid?”

Kila rolled her eyes. “He could read me, always knew when I was lying. Humans don’t have empathic abilities. Nobody knows why humans exist. Listen, we gotta be cool around here, okay?”

Jena flipped her brown hair around, nodding. “Uh huh. Sure. I’m cool.”

They collected their things and headed for the ID Control station, handing their respective officers their ID chips.

“Would you both mind stepping off into that room over there? We need to ask you a few more questions.”

Jena and Kila both looked at each other, then sighed. “Here we go again…” Kila mumbled. “It’s always that damn conviction. Listen, I’ll do the talking okay?”

Jena nodded. “Okay, but don’t go all anti-human and stuff, okay? That doesn’t help.”

“Got it. Be cool…”

The girls stepped into the room and sat down. After a moment, another human security officer walked in.

Kila nudged Jena. “See?” She whispered. “They all look the same!”

“Stop being racist!” Jena hissed in reply.

“Sorry to keep you both waiting. I’m Lieutenant Commander Loxton, DS13 security.”

Kila and Jena nodded. “Found him.” they said in unison. Loxton was taken aback by this.

“Care to elaborate?” He asked. Jena nodded. “You’re the guy that locked our uncle Tevalak up. We’re here to protest his incarceration and demand his release.”

Kila looked to Jena. “Oh wow, you remembered ‘incarceration’ there. Nice!”

Jena nodded proudly. “I know, right?!”

Loxton sighed. “Yes, that is what we have pulled you in for. To remind you that if you do plan to protest, to keep it peaceful and that you will have our protection.”

Jena shook her head forcefully, then stood up and pointed at Loxton angrily.


Jena stopped shouting, the thinking face coming back on. Loxton looked from Jena to Kila.

“Give her a minute…” Kila said quietly to Loxton.

Jena tilted her head. “Wait, you’ll protect us?!”

“Aaaand there we go.” Kila snapped her fingers. Jena sat down, a smile coming across her face.

“Thank you for protecting us while we protest.” Jena said sweetly. “You know, that’s pretty cool. Do you do that for all people in the Federation too? You’re so nice! You’re pretty cute too!”

“Jena,” Kila interrupted her sister. “He’s literally the guy that locked up Tevalak! Stop hitting on him!”

Jena blinked and nodded changing her sweet demeanour in a second.

“Yeah, very bad. Human scum. Federation didn’t lift a finger to help us with Hobus you should be ASHAMED of yourself.” she said calmly shaking her head.

Kila rolled her eyes, letting her head drop on the table with a bang. Loxton looked between them with no expression.

“Would you both like a cup of tea?” He asked with a smile.

“I think that’s the least you could do for us…” Jena responded, chin in hand, nodding.

“Shut up, Jena.” Kila said, her voice muffled by the table.

Just then, the door buzzer sounded.

“Come.” Loxton said, and another human entered. He saw Jena and Jena saw him and they both smiled. Stobbart looked bashful.

“Ensign Stobbart, what is it?” Loxton prompted.

“Uh…um…” Stobbart stuttered, rendered speechless by Jena, who smiled back at him. Kila finally raised her head, looking at Stobbart.

“Oh wow. Yeah. He’s cute.” Kila conceded. Stobbart blushed, Loxton rolled his eyes.

“He’s human scum just like me, ladies. If you’ll excuse us…” Loxton rose, ushering the dumbstruck Ensign out of the room.

“Wow, who is she, sir?” Stobbart asked when they were out of the room. Loxton shook his head.

“They are Tevalak’s nieces, Jena and Kila T’Ren. They’re here to demand his release and they plan to protest on the station until he gets released.”

“Oh, so they’ll be here forever then? I volunteer for their protection detail, sir.” Stobbart said eagerly.

“Oh? Where was this eagerness when that Tellarite diplomat stopped off here three weeks ago?”

Stobbart looked embarrassed while Loxton grinned.

“It’s not up to me anyway, you know that. We’ll see what the Chief wants to do.”

Loxton smirked, deciding to needle his subordinate some more.

“So, I take it you got tired of crushing on Beles? And what about Thyzee? Weren’t you also crushing on Chief Blake too or were those last two all at once? And wasn’t there the entirety of that Orion female swimming team that were using our facilities that week? Granted, it wasn’t just you I had to move along when they were aboard. Yesterday it was the new Operations Ensign, Murphy!”

“Point taken, sir. I also have my report for you.” Stobbart said sulkily, handing Loxton a PADD. Loxton smiled, stopping Stobbart when he made a move to leave.

“Listen, I’ll see what I can do about getting you on the protection detail, if you promise to not get distracted by them. You’re a good officer, George. But remember…”

Loxton leaned in, looking from side to side.

“We are only human scum!”

Stobbart rolled his eyes, laughed and headed off. Loxton re-entered the room.

“Okay ladies, you’re free to go and enjoy the station’s amenities. Just let us know when you plan to start your protest, okay?”

Jena smiled. “Who’s your friend?”

“Ensign Stobbart. He’ll be keeping an eye on you, don’t you worry.”

Kila sighed, standing with Jena. “Come on, Jena. Let’s grab a shower and find something to eat. You got any decent restaurants around here? Oh, and I’m going to need access to the security clearance sections of your computer for research.”

“Restaurants are located in the Promenade section and of course you can have access to classified Starfleet database just as soon as I have a lobotomy!” Loxton smiled, waving them off.

“Be good now, you hear?”