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U.S.S. Freedom-A


183 cm
106 kg
Dark Brown


T'Lira is the daughter of Sevan and V'Lana, one of five children. Her older siblings are Sorek, T'Pela, and Sivel. Her younger brother is named Surith. They all grew up on the Cor Coroli colony, with both parents being noted researchers. T'Lira often spent time in the labs, listening to another scientist named T'Pas as she explained what she was doing in careful detail. It wasn't until years after T'Pas's death that T'Lira even met the woman's daughter, Soleta.

T'Lira entered Starfleet Academy at what is considered an "average" age of 22. She excelled at her science, engineering, and command courses. However, she didn't do so well in her combat, medical, and history courses. She did well enough in her piloting and navigation courses, but had difficulties with emergency starship piloting simulations. She had trouble with combat after the Dominion War and has since taken the firm belief to only fight if her life, and the lives of her crewmates, depended upon it.

This did lead to conflict between her and her tactical major roommate, Juliette Harris, and she has a reprimand on her file for locking her roommate out in order to "obtain a more logical environment".

During her cadet cruise, T’Lira was involved in a battle against the Dominion after they attacked the USS Freedom, the ship that was hosting the cadet cruise. After the war, she served aboard Starbase 217 until the destruction of Romulus and Remus. That was when she took extended personal leave from the 'Fleet to provide assistance to the survivors.

When Taril was four, she returned to the Academy for an abbreviated course of study with a heavy focus in command courses. For the last of the three years of the course, she was assigned to the USS Atlantis-D. Shortly before her promotion to Ensign aboard that ship, she was granted her wings and a slot as a member of the 52nd Fighter Wing aboard the Atlantis. She flew with the 52nd Wing during several battles.

During a shore leave to Risa while the Atlantis was being refitted and repaired after a battle that nearly destroyed the ship, T’Lira became close to a fellow officer. That relationship ended up with her becoming pregnant, which led to a formal reprimand from the commanding officer. However, a few weeks before the baby was due, she was in an accident on a newly discovered planet that led to the baby dying at only a few hours old.

In the years afterwards, she tried to push it behind her and wound up requesting to be reassigned away from the Atlantis, eventually accepting a post as a professor at Starfleet Academy. When Captain Akira Kasahana requested that she serve as the first officer for a cadet cruise, she accepted. The cadet cruise went wrong, attacked by Klingon raiders and Kasahana was taken prisoner. T’Lira was given a field promotion to Captain by Admiral Jonathan Davies over subspace shortly after the USS Carolina was rescued by the USS Hoffstaad-B.

T'Lira kept the Carolina, and the crewmembers who wished to stay aboard, including a good number of the cadets. The ship survived encounter after encounter, but was destroyed in 2411, leading to her gaining command of the USS Freedom-A.

In 2412, she received a formal reprimand just shy of a court martial for disobeying direct orders to stay with a civilian convoy being escorted due to True Way activity. She took her ship to chase after an attacking True Way cruiser and her actions led to the near-destruction of one of the cargo ships. The only reason she didn’t receive a court martial was because the cargo ship had been discovered to have been carrying illegal weapons destined for a True Way supply station.

After three years of being looked upon unfavorably due to those events, she was assigned to the 38th Fleet.

25561.71 ((Jul 24 2348))
Cor Caroli IV



  • Sevan (paternal); Vulcan, Vulcan, Biochemist
  • V’Lana (maternal); Vulcan, Vulcan, Geologist
  • Sorek (male sibling); Vulcan, Earth, Professor
  • T’Pela (female sibling); Vulcan, SS Indiana, Pilot
  • Chaliszava zh’Thane (female in-law) Andorian, SS Indiana, Engineer
  • Sivel (male sibling); Vulcan, Cor Caroli IV, Doctor
  • Surith (male sibling); Vulcan, Earth, Bartender
  • Sevrek Edward (male offspring); Vulcan/human, deceased
  • Taril ir-ch’Rihan tr’Kherianh (male adopted offspring); Romulan, RRW Sorenus, Commanding Officer


  • 2375- Graduated Starfleet Academy, degrees in Computer Science and Astrophysics
  • 2375- Served aboard USS Freedom as Chief Science Officer
  • 2377- Transferred to Starbase 217 with promotion to Lieutenant (j.g)
  • 2380- Given commendation for original thinking in deflecting a comet away from the starbase.
  • 2384- Promoted to Lieutenant
  • 2387- Given commendation for quick thinking in saving a convoy of Romulan ships fleeing from the destruction of Romulus
  • 2387- Granted Extended Leave of Absence for personal reasons
  • 2391- Returned to Starfleet Academy, specialization in Command
  • 2393- Assigned to USS Atlantis-D, Cadet First Class, Sciences
  • 2393- Promoted to Ensign for adept service in the rescue of Telthis Mining Station
  • 2394- Promoted to Lieutenant (j.g) for continuing excellence in service
  • 2394- Formally reprimanded for violation of standing regulations
  • 2395- Promoted to Lieutenant for long-term excellence in service
  • 2397- Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, reassigned to Starfleet Sciences on Earth
  • 2400- Promoted to Commander, reassigned as Professor in Flight Instruction and Astrophysics at Starfleet Academy
  • 2409- Assigned to USS Carolina as Acting XO during cadet cruise
  • 2409- Field promoted to Captain, USS Carolina
  • 2411- Reassigned to USS Freedom-A
  • 2412- Formally reprimanded for failure to obey direct orders in defense of civilian convoy
  • 2415- Assigned to 38th Fleet



Up to Date: Y

Status: OK for active duty

Notes: Subject continues to experience mild ticks that have no affect on duty.

Evaluator: CMDR Edward Harrel (Starfleet Medical)


Up to Date: Y

Status: OK for active duty

Notes: Patient seems to still have minor difficulties in meditating, but nothing that would interfere in duty. Patient also confided a recurrence of what can best be termed as nightmares dating back some fifteen years.

Evaluator: CMDR Robert Harlan (Starfleet Medical)